Oh Sh*t! Ep 5 - OverTorching

Posted on 31 May 13:03
Patty's back with another episode of Oh SH*T - the ultimate series for troubleshooting the most common resining issues!

So ... imagine you come across some cute Christmas picture frames your kids made for you at school.

Awwww.... :)

And imagine you decide it would be an awesome idea to resin them, so you can protect and preserve them forever!

And just say that you mix your resin ... but because it's the middle of winter and your resin isn't room temperature as suggested, it's full of a million little bubbles.
But - you're new to resining and you don't really know if that's normal or not??
Meh.  No biggie.
You decide it's easier to keep going rather than stopping to ask for help.

And how about if you do a first pass of the torch and and it only gets rid of a few bubbles. So - you figure that if you just keep torching ... torching up close ... torching over and over again ... that you''ll eventually get rid of all those pesky bubbles.

Uhhhh .... yeah, no ...

And what if, to your horror, your kids' sweet little faces start morphing and melting before your very eyes because all that overtorching you did has just melted the school's crappy inkjet print.

Uh, yeah.
Oh sh*t.

True story.


Lessons learned:
- Always experiment on a non-masterpiece first
- Don't use cold resin. Room temperature is advised for optimal consistency and to reduce bubbles.
- If in doubt, always err on the side of caution and pre-seal your work if the paper or ink is not good quality.
- Don't overtorch, ever.
- Watch all of Patty's Oh Sh*t videos ... links are below
- Check out the FAQ section
- If it looks wrong, it probably is. Ask for help.

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