Why Are There Bare Spots In My Cured Resin?

Bare spots, or voids, happen when something sitting on the surface of your artwork and repels the ArtResin, preventing it from adhering.  It could be silicon residue or even something like lotion or natural oils from your hands that transferred onto your piece when you handled it.
Here's how to fix it ...

We all know that mistakes can happen, even to the most seasoned epoxy resin users.
Meet Patty - she rocks customer service here at ArtResin HQ.
Since Patty troubleshoots the same issues over and over again,
she thought a video series would be a great idea to help ArtResin users avoid problems before they happen. And, more importantly, how to resolve them if they already have.

Today, Patty's tackling another pain in the $&*% ... Voids

Bare spots.
Fish eyes.

No matter what you call them, if you've ever experienced them, you KNOW just how maddening they are!!
Your otherwise perfect pour riddled with patches where the resin just didn't take ...


Don't fret, my friends.
Patty's got you covered.

Voids are just as easy to prevent as they are to fix ... and Patty's going to show us how!


Did you catch Episode 1 where Patty problem solves STICKY and UNCURED resin?
And don't miss Episode 2, in which we deal with the dreaded BUBBLES!!!

Do you want to learn more about troubleshooting epoxy resin? Read our guides below:



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