Why Does My Resin Look Milky?!

Milky resin happens when your resin is full of soooo many teeny tiny microbubbles that it makes the resin look cloudy. Most often, it happens when your resin is too COLD.

Patty's here with another episode of Oh SH*T to help explain, and to show you how to prevent this common problem from ever happening again ....

A few days later, you’ve got your first piece propped, prepped and ready to coat in crystal clear ArtResin epoxy resin … all you need is for your order to arrive.
All of a sudden you hear a truck outside …

The delivery man trudges through the snow and hands you an icy cold box.
Excitedly, you tear it open, mix your 1:1 ratio of resin and hardener for 3 solid minutes and pour it on your piece.
As you spread it around, you notice there are a lot of bubbles ….
Like there are A LOT of teeny tiny bubbles …
In fact, there are SO many bubbles, that the torch can’t even get them all out!

What the heck??
It doesn’t look like this in ArtResin’s videos ….
What happened?!?!

Sadly this is based on a true story, friends.
A good, but unfortunate, example of what happens when your resin is TOO COLD.
Like lots of things in life, that perfect resin finish is worth waiting for ( at least until your resin gets to room temperature )

Check out today’s video - Patty will walk you through everything you need to know to ensure you get a beautiful, glossy, clear, ArtResin epoxy resin finish.

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