How Can I Deal With Epoxy Resin Drips After They've Dried?

Don't let drips get you down! With a little elbow grease and some sanding, you can get rid of those pesky drips!  

Patty's back with another episode of Oh SH*T - the ultimate series for troubleshooting the most common resining issues!  Today Patty's tackling the biggest party pooper of all ... DRIPS.

You measure, mix and pour.
You spread, cover and wait.
You come back to check and ....
well, hellloooooo there!!!
Your piece looks BEAUTIFUL!!
Crystal clear and perfect!

You pick it up to admire its gorgeous glossiness and that's when you feel them ....
DRIPS!! Tons of DRIPS!!
The back of your piece is covered in drips, like hundreds of rock hard resin icicles.

Aw, come ON!!!
How the heck did that happen?
How am I going to get these off??
How can I prevent these from happening next time???

Stay calm, folks - Patty's got you.
And she's going to explain how to get rid of the little buggers AND how to prevent them in the first place.

( One word ... TAPE.  Tape is your best defense in the fight against drips! )

Take THAT, drips!

FYI - we love using a product called Tuck Tape, found in the insulation aisle of your local hardware store. It's waterproof, non-porous, has good stick and peels off easily! You can definitely use good old fashioned painter's tape too, but since it's a little more porous, the resin may soak in and under the tape.
With either tape, your best bet is to pull off that sucker at the 24hr mark - much easier to pull off before it has fully bonded!

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