How Can I Fix Dust In My Epoxy Resin?

Posted on 2 Aug 16:22
Did you find dust in your cured resin?  
No problem - we'll show you how to fix it!

Patty is here with another episode of Oh SH*T - the ultimate series for troubleshooting the most common resin issues!

Today, Patty's taking care of one of the biggest pain in the butts ...
DUST ( and other airborne $*!% )

So imagine you've watched all of Patty's previous Oh Sh*t videos.
You're feeling super confident!
You're ready to coat your masterpiece in thick, glossy, beautiful ArtResin!!

You've sealed your piece to avoid any off-gassed bubbles.
You've mixed and measured perfectly to prevent sticky resin.
You've made sure your surface is clean and clear of any surface contaminates that might cause voids or bare spots.
You've made sure your ArtResin is room temperature so you don't end up with cold, cloudy, resin.
You've taped the sides and back of your piece to catch drips.
And you've torched so very carefully to remove surface bubbles, without overtorching.

Your ArtResin pour looks AMAZING!!!
Crystal clear.
Like glass.

Sigh ....
Patty would be SO IMPRESSED with you!!

Toothpick in hand, you take one last quick peek to make sure you didn't miss any bubbles. Everything looks perfect so you pat yourself on the back and off you go, leaving your freshly ArtResined piece to do its thing.

The next morning, you can hardly wait to upload a photo of your piece to Instagram - Patty is TOTALLY going to repost this one!!

But as you're lining up your shot, you notice something ....

What the heck is that????

A bug??
A bug landed in my resin??

And wait, what?
Is that a big chunk of dust?


All you can hear is Patty's voice in your head ...
"Way to go, buddy. You forgot to cover your piece."

Oh Sh*t.

Don't feel bad, friend.
It's happened to us all.
Even Patty.
So she's here to share her very best tips to beat those darn dustbunnies for good!!

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