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@alexis.beaverson Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Alexis Beaverson, our latest Instagram winner! Alexis is a mixed media artist based in Bowling Green, Ohio who uses joint compound, acrylic paint, and resin to create her glossy, vibrantly colored, 3D artwork. Does where you're from or where you currently live influe... see more

What Is Resin: How Is It Made & Used?

Have you ever come across that glossy resin finish on paintings or crafts and wondered how to get that same gorgeous look on your own art? Resin is a highly versatile material that has become popular among artists, crafters, woodworkers, and hobbyists. Resin offers endless creative possibilities and... see more

10 Ways To Reduce Waste When Working With Epoxy Resin

There will always be some waste when creating resin art, but there are also some effective ways to minimize it. In my own resin studio, I've found that a few simple changes, like using fewer disposable materials, has made a huge difference in reducing waste. Today, I'm sharing the tips I've learned ... see more

@lisa.zinna Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Lisa Zinna, our latest Instagram Winner! Based in Austin TX, Lisa is a photographer who experiments with mixed media. Lisa describes her work as color crazy photo art:  "I'm a fan of pretty colors, layering photos, swapping background colors, minimal compositions, and abst... see more

Why Are There Bare Spots In My Cured Resin?

Bare spots, voids, fish eyes, divots, pinholes, separations ... no matter what you call them, it's frustrating when your perfect resin pour cures with areas that just didn't take. I've been there too, so in this article, I'm going over the top 5 most common reasons behind epoxy resin bare spots. I'l... see more

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