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Congratulations to artist Jenny Jurcsisn, our latest Instagram winner! Based in Dayton, Ohio, Jenny draws inspiration from her science background to create alcohol ink fluid art, topped with epoxy resin: " I paint highly textured and layered fluid ink pieces that range from delicate and airy to bri... see more

How To Create A Black Resin Ocean With A Gold Crackle Shoreline

Black Resin Ocean Art Tutorial   Why stick to traditional blues when it comes to resin ocean art? Ocean scenes can look stunning in a variety of colors: in fact, black resin looks bold and modern, and creates a dramatic contrast against white waves.  Sonja Arroyo is an accomplished artist based in N... see more

@jarodfarverstudios Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Jarod Farver, our latest Instagram Winner! Based in Gilbert, AZ, Jarod is a full-time, contemporary artist who creates colorful abstract, linear paintings by layering epoxy and acrylic: "I love mixing color with epoxy resin to create transparent and translucent layers."  ... see more

@stephanievallieres_artiste Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Stéphanie Vallières, our latest Instagram Winner!  Based in Quebec, Canada, Stéphanie is a mixed media abstract painter: "I’m interested in memory in all its forms and expressions. Memory tends to keep the best and forget the rest. Based on this concept, I like to mix the 5... see more

@dsartology Is Our Instagram Winner!

Congratulations to artist Danelle Spence, our latest Instagram winner! Based in Calgary, Alberta, Danelle is a full time psychologist by day and an abstract mixed media artist in her spare time: "Art provides me with a powerful outlet to channel the weight of others' experiences, (in my work as a Ps... see more

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