How Can I Fix Soft, Sticky Spots In My Resin?

If, after a day of curing, you’ve noticed some soft sticky spots in your resin, it means either one of two things: either the delicate 1:1 balance of resin and hardener was off, or the material just wasn’t mixed thoroughly.
Resin that hasn't cured will stay sticky until steps are taken to fix it. You'll need to scrape off any of the unmixed material and re-apply a fresh coat of resin, and your piece will look as good as new!

Why Did The Sticky Spots Occur?

It's super important to scrape the sides and bottom of your container as you mix your resin and hardener.  If you don't, you may end up with unmixed resin and hardener stuck to the sides of your container that could cause sticky spots.  
So remember:  always scrape the sides and bottom as you stir to make sure that the resin is 100% mixed and, therefore, 100% catalyzed. 

💡TIP: Scrape when you mix, but not when you pour!  Although we recommend scraping the sides and bottom of your container when you're mixing, we DON'T recommend scraping when you pour your ArtResin onto your artwork ( like you might if you were scraping cake batter out of a mixing bowl and into a cake pan. ) If there was any unmixed resin or hardener stuck to the sides, scraping it out onto your artwork will definitely result in soft, sticky spots in your cured resin.


Can I Fix The Sticky Spots?

Although you can't harden sticky resin, not to worry ... resin is forgiving and this is an easy fix!

  • First, you'll need to scrape away any wet material as best you can ( sticky is ok; liquidy and runny resin is not and needs to be scraped away. )

  • Next, sand down any of the dry, cured parts with 80 grit sandpaper to make sure that there is enough tooth to adhere that second layer on top.

  • Last, prepare a fresh batch of carefully measured and thoroughly mixed ArtResin and apply on top of your piece. After 24 hours your piece will be as good as new!

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