How Do I Get Bubbles Out Of Epoxy Resin?

Posted on 6 Feb 15:43
Without question, the best way to get bubbles out of epoxy resin is with an Artist’s Torch. Whether you use a handheld butane torch or a bigger propane torch for larger projects, the flame from a torch is hot enough to thin out the resin, allowing bubbles to escape.

It’s your best bet against bubbles every time!

Some More Handy Tips To Prevent Bubbles: 

  • Seal anything that may contain air, like wood, inkjet prints or paper with a brush on or spray sealant.

  • Make sure the resin is warm ( 75-85 F or 24-30C is ideal. ) 
    You can give cold resin a warm water bath if you like by placing the unopened resin and hardener bottles in a warm water bath for 20 minutes or so, drying them off thoroughly before you measure and mix.

  • Stir your resin mixture slowly: whipping it will induce more bubbles. 

  • Pour your resin out slowly and pour close to the surface. 

  • Pour in thin layers: if you pour too thick, bubbles won’t have a chance to escape to the top or get torched out. 

  • Always use a torch to get rid of bubbles: heat guns just can’t match the heat of a flame.

Read our detailed guide on how to prevent bubbles!

If you follow this advice, you should have a bubble-free piece everytime!

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