How Do I Fix Epoxy Resin Drips?

The best way to deal with drips is to prevent them from happening in the first place. The best way to do this is to run a good quality painter's tape along the underside of your piece to collect drips as they’re forming. By the 24hr mark, you can pull the tape off and the cured drips right along with it. 

If you do have cured drips on your actual artwork, the best way to remove them is to sand them off with sandpaper or a Dremel. 

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How To Prevent Resin Drips

Once you pour and spread ArtResin on your artwork, it's going to start to self-level. Any excess resin will spill over the edges and collect on the bottom of your piece, leaving you with hard, cured resin drips.  Tape along the back of your piece is a quick and easy way to prevent drips from forming directly on your artwork.

Fix Epoxy Resin Drips - Prevent Resin Drips

1)  Before you resin, apply tape to the back of your artwork.

Tape will catch the drips as they form. Here at ArtResin, we like using painter's tape or sheathing tape. Whichever you choose, make sure you use a high quality tape with good stick. Cheap painter's tape is porous and can absorb the resin; low tack tape can allow the resin to seep in between the tape and your artwork. 

Fix Epoxy Resin Drips - porous painter's tape
Fix Epoxy Resin Drips - painter's tape

Sheathing Tape (aka Tuck Tape or Tyvek Tape) is a high tack, vinyl tape found in the insulation section of your local hardware store.

Fix Epoxy Resin Drips - Sheathing Tape

2)  Remove the tape within 24 hours:

When the resin has dried to the touch, remove the tape and the drips right along with it! Always remove the tape as soon as your resin is dry to the touch, anywhere from the 18-24 hour mark. You want to remove the tape sooner rather than later, while the resin is still flexible and has some give. 

💡 TIP: The longer you let your piece sit, the harder the resin will become and the more difficult it will be to remove the tape. 

Fix Epoxy Resin Drips - Remove the tape within 24 hours

Fix Epoxy Resin Drips - Remove the Sheathing  tape within 24 hours

How To Remove Dried Resin Drips:

The best way to remove dried epoxy resin drips is with a little elbow grease:
  • use a heat gun to soften them and pop them off with a blade 
  • sand them off with sandpaper or a sanding block
  • use a Dremel tool.  

Fix Epoxy Resin Drips - pop them off with a blade
Fix Epoxy Resin Drips - sand them off with sandpaper or a sanding block
Fix Epoxy Resin Drips - use a Dremel tool

How To Remove Tape Left On Longer Than 24 Hours:

Tape left on past the 24 hour mark can be difficult to remove as the resin will have fully cured and bonded to the back of your artwork. We love this tip from artist @jeneratorart for removing stubborn cured resin tape and drips on the back of your piece: simply warm the resin with a heat gun to soften it and the tape will come right off!

Take a peek at Jen’s demo to see it in action. Thanks for the tip, Jen!

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