How Can I Fix Sticky Resin?

Posted on 23 Mar 11:44
Sticky or uncured resin is almost always a result of improper measuring or undermixing. You can't harden sticky resin, but don't worry ... this common issue is easy to fix!

Welcome to Oh Sh*t!  ... the ultimate series for troubleshooting the most common resining issues.

Meet Patty - she rocks customer service here at ArtResin HQ!
We all know that mistakes can happen, even to the most seasoned epoxy resin users.
Since Patty troubleshoots the same issues over and over again,
she thought a video series would be a great idea to help ArtResin users avoid problems before they happen.
And, more importantly, how to resolve them if they already have.

If you've ever found yourself looking at your piece saying ..."Oh sh*t" .....
you're going to love this series!!

In our first video, we tackle one of the most common issues ....

Check out Episode 2, in which we deal with the dreaded BUBBLES!!!