Is It Possible To Over Torch My ArtResin?

Yes, it is possible to over torch epoxy resin. Over torching happens when you the flame of a torch is held too closely to your freshly resined surface, or you hold the torch for too long in one place. You'll know you've over torched when you see dimpling or rippling in your cured resin, and possibly even yellowing or discolouration.

The good news is that over torching is easily prevented: Simply hold your torch a few inches away from the surface so that the flame is just kissing the resin. You'll see those bubbles disappear right away - if you don't, it means you need to move in a tiny bit closer. Keep your torch moving in a back and forth fashion across the entire surface, as if you're ironing clothes.

Remember, when it comes to torching, less is more! 

How To Fix Your Work If You've Over Torched:

  • For waves and dimples, simply sand down the cured resin, paying careful attention to sanding out the imperfections. The purpose of sanding is not only to remove the waves and dimples, but also to create some tooth for your fresh resin layer to adhere to. For this reason, it's important to use a coarse 
    sandpaper to create tooth (we like 80 grit) and to sand the entire piece.

  • Next, wipe down all sanding residue with a damp paper towel. Repeat as necessary to remove all traces of dust - you want your surface to be absolutely clean of residue before you pour your fresh layer.

  • Then, carefully measure and mix a fresh batch of ArtResin and pour as directed.

  • Cover and wait 24 hours and your piece will look beautiful!

💡 TIP: Be aware that you may not be able to salvage large yellowed areas or bad burn marks from over torching, or if the artwork itself is damaged. For this reason, it's very important not to over torch! 

Learn how to use a torch on epoxy resin art!

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