How Can I Avoid Getting Dimples In My Epoxy Resin?

Dimples can occur for 3 reasons:

1) Temperature Fluctuation
2) Micro Dust Particles
3) Over Torching.

To avoid getting dimples in your cured resin, make sure that the temperature in your resin room stays stable, that you use a dustcover and that you only lightly torch your resin!

Let's take a deeper look at the three main causes of resin dimples:

Temperature Fluctuation: 

If the temperature fluctuates in the first 24 hours that your resin is curing, it can result in dimples in your resin surface. Ensure that the temperature stays stable at 75-85°F or 24-30°C while your piece cures.

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Dust Particles:

Dimples can be caused by surface contaminates that land in your wet resin. Take steps to reduce dust in your resin room as much as possible and use a dustcover to protect your artwork while it cures.

💡 TIP:  Artist Alexis Puleio shares one of her favourite ways of reducing dust:  spritzing the air with a spray bottle of water before she starts resining. See more in our blog: How To Reduce Dust Before You Resin.

Over Torching:

If you over torch, it can cause dimples and imperfections in your resin. You only need a quick pass over the resin surface back and forth to release bubbles - always keep the torch moving and don't hold it too close or for too long in one spot.

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If you follow these practices, you can avoid getting dimples in your cured resin!

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