Rebecca Zak

Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I co-founded ArtResin with my husband, Dave. I’m a serial entrepreneur! As an artist and a former teacher, I've been able to leverage my creativity and experience to start multiple business ventures. In fact, there's nothing I love more than seeing a good idea turned into a great business - especially one that positively impacts others. 

As a mom, I’m all about teaching my kids the power of entrepreneurship. I want them to know that with a solid idea and some hustle, they can think big and go after any goal they want.

I like getting up early, I love being active, I adore animals, I love books and art, I am lit up by creative endeavours, I am happy in nature, I can’t miss a party, and I thrive on change. And, I'm the same entrepreneur as I was with my Kool-Aid stand back in the 80s.

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