How To Use A Torch on Epoxy Resin

After you pour your epoxy resin, you need to apply a heat source to get rid of all the bubbles created from mixing the resin and hardener together. Though you could use a heat gun, a torch is the best way to achieve a flawless, resin finish, free of bubbles. 

The flame from a torch heats the resin surface up instantly, thinning it out and allowing bubbles to escape. A torch also has the added benefit of burning off tiny dust particles that may have landed in the resin. 

Let's run through our favorite tips and best practices when using a torch.

Best Practices When Torching Epoxy Resin 


Let's do this.

Use A Torch on Epoxy Resin - painters torch

So ...

you've poured and spread your resin out to (or over) the edges.

Use A Torch on Epoxy Resin- special de-gassing agent

Now, you'll notice bubbles rising to the surface, ready to get popped
- this is because ArtResin's chemist included a special de-gassing agent that gently encourages bubbles to the surface so you can torch them out, before the resin thickens and cures. 

Use A Torch on Epoxy Resin- start to notice some bubble action

Now you need the right tool for the job - and that tool is a torch.

To help you, ArtResin has an easy to use handheld Artist's Torch, plus an Artist's Propane Torch Head for larger jobs. Once you use a torch, you'll wonder what you ever did without it!

If you're intimidated by the idea of using a flame torch ... please don't be! 
Nothing beats the intensity of a flame for getting rid of those bubbles.  In fact, we've tried lots of different methods to pop bubbles including toothpicks and hairdryers - you can read all about them in our blog Why Use A Torch With ArtResin? 

For small pieces, we love our handheld butane-fuelled Artist's Studio Torch.  It's very similar to a kitchen torch used for making crème brûlée.

For larger pieces ( generally speaking, anything over 24" x 24") our Artist's Propane Torch Head can't be beat! You simply attach the torch head onto a small propane tank, like the blue one pictured below. You can easily find propane tanks like this at the hardware store. 

Next, the step that seems intimidating ( but totally isn't ) ... using the torch 😊
Believe me, once you see it in action, you'll never look back ... promise!

Two important things to keep in mind when torching:

1. Hold the torch a few inches above your artwork

Turn on the torch according to the instructions. Hold the torch a few inches above your artwork, just close enough so that the flame lightly kisses the surface of the resin. You should see the bubbles disappear before your eyes, like magic. If you don't see the bubbles popping, move in just a little bit closer. 

2. Keep the torch moving

You'll also want to keep the torch moving at all times in a back and forth motion as if you were ironing clothes. Give the entire surface of the artwork a couple of good passes with the torch, until all the bubbles have disappeared.

💡 TIP: When it comes to torching, less is more!
You don't want to end up overtorching your resin, which is what may happen if you hold your torch too close to the resin surface or in one spot for too long. Over torching can result in dimples or ripples in your resin surface, yellowing and even burn marks! Read more about over torching in our blog.

Use A Torch on Epoxy Resin - light painting torch

We're so close friends ... so close!
There's just one more thing we need to do: look at your artwork at eye level under a good light source to spot missed bubbles or stray bits of dust or hair. We love keeping toothpicks close by for exactly this purpose. 

💡TIP: If you don't have a light source (like a bright window) near your work surface, use a flashlight.

bubble-free finish

And there you have it ... a perfect, glass-like, bubble-free finish.

I knew you could do it!

Use A Torch on Epoxy Resin- perfect, glass-like

The last step is to cover your work to protect it from bits of dust, 
hair, or bugs landing in your wet resin. 

💡TIP: We love using a large cardboard box with the flaps cut off. A large plastic tote works great too!

Use A Torch on Epoxy Resin- large cardboard box with the flaps

Cover the piece with a box to fit your artwork and wait.
In about 24 hours, your piece will be hard to the touch.
After 72 hours, it will be fully cured and ready to display and admire.

Watch our torches for epoxy in action

Some important notes

⚠️  Always exercise common sense when working with a naked flame:

  • Point the flame away from you when igniting or using the torch.
  • Never leave a flame unattended.
  • Keep the lit torch well away from flammable substances.  

    ⚠️  Running a flame quickly and systematically over the entire resin surface will eliminate trapped bubbles and won't cause a flammability risk, HOWEVER this changes if foreign products have been added to your resin, such as alcohol or alcohol inks. Alcohol is flammable and will compromise the non-flammability of pure ArtResin. 

    For this very reason we developed ResinTint, our non-toxic, non-flammable premium colorant for ArtResin. If you're looking for a colorant and you want to keep ArtResin's formula non-flammable and non-toxic when used as directed, then ResinTint is the perfect option!

    Have you tried our Artist's Studio Torch or our Artist's Propane Torch Head?

    What do you think?
    Let us know in the comments below.

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