How To Cover Large Resin Artwork To Protect From Dust

Have you ever made a gigantic piece of art that you wanted to coat in ArtResin, and then wondered how the heck you would ever cover it to protect it from dust?

Sometimes we artists need to get creative in how we put together our apparatus to support the process! Here's Naples artist Alexis M. Puleio doing just that for an enormous commission she created for her local hospital.

Alexis built this 11' wooden crate (with the help of her kind-hearted dad) to house the piece while it sat overnight to cure. It's a great, reusable solution!


large custom box made to cover large resined artwork

Alexis says,

I usually make [my boxes] out of cardboard, but for this large project, I needed something sturdy. All sides hinge all the way down (with duct tape!!), so that they are out of the way while I pour the resin, and then they hinge up and lock in place once the resin has been poured, and the top covers can then be placed over top. The top has handles so that they can be easily carried over. I have done a PVC pipe fort before with a plastic tarp over head, but dust and hair always falls from the plastic into the resin...and with the box, you can actually create your piece inside of it! ... 

This box is a beast! I love it! 


To see more of Alexis' coastline-inspired resin art, check out her
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