Why Should I Use Support Blocks When Using Epoxy Resin?

If you're applying ArtResin to your beautiful piece of art and intend to coat the sides, then you have to prop up your piece on some support stands to ensure the resin doesn’t adhere your piece to the table.

ArtResin doesn't stick to plastic so we like to use plastic support blocks
such as lego pieces, plastic shot glasses or even the painter’s pyramids you’ve seen in some of our videos. If you end up getting any drips on your support blocks, you can just peel the cured resin right off the blocks and use them again and again.

Whatever you choose for your support blocks make sure that you use 4 of the same type so that your piece is level. Of course you always want to check with a level to make sure that it's perfectly level. And we do have a level available at artesin.com/level.

That was a lot of levels!

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