How To Use Bulk Epoxy Resin

ArtResin's 10 Gallon Pro Bulk Kit is exactly what you need - bulk resin at bulk savings! Check out our easy steps to learn how to set up YOUR kit like a pro!

Buy Bulk Epoxy Resin - ArtResin's 10 Gallon Pro Bulk Kit

High fives, you did it!
You ordered ArtResin's 10 Gallon Pro Bulk Kit - the kit for SERIOUS resin addicts! 

We know you CAN'T WAIT to get creative but do us a favor and check out this quick video on how to set up your 10 Gallon Pro Bulk Kit correctly. Our awesome Production Facilities Manager Daniel Hayes is here to show you exactly how the pros do it!

Here's how to go from your front door to your first pour ... in 5 easy steps!

STEP 1- Unbox your 10 Gallon Pro Bulk Kit.

Set it on your desired work surface right side up, like this ....

Buy Bulk Epoxy Resin - ArtResin's 10 Gallon Pro Bulk Kit 
TIP: Make sure your work surface is strong enough to support the weight of the containers - they're heavy, about 40lbs each!  You also need to ensure your work surface is wide enough so that when you're ready to pour, you're able to sit your containers on their sides, like this .... 

Buy Bulk Epoxy Resin - Set the container on its side to pour

STEP 2- Remove the plug from the cap, using an adjustable wrench.

Buy Bulk Epoxy Resin - Remove the plug using an adjustable wrench

STEP 3- Firmly screw in the spigot supplied.

Buy Bulk Epoxy Resin - Firmly screw in the spigot

STEP 4- Make a Vent Hole

Next, you'll need to make a vent hole - this allows air to pass through so that your ArtResin flows easily out of the spigot.
Unscrew the cap covering the vent hole.
Insert a nail into the recessed area and give it a light tap or two with a hammer to open up the vent hole.
( By the way ... don't you just love our ArtResin pink hammer? )

Buy Bulk Epoxy Resin - Make a Vent Hole

STEP 5- Set the container


Set the container on its side to pour.

Set the container on its side to pour

IMPORTANT: Once you've finished pouring and have turned off the spigot, please remember to turn the container back right side up to avoid any unwanted drips!!

Buy Bulk Epoxy Resin - clean your sticky resin hands safely and effectively

TIP: Always keep latex gloves, paper towels and rubbing alcohol handy :)
As careful as we might be, accidents and drips happen to us all.

Here are a couple of things that we find helpful:

  • Wear latex gloves to prevent sticky fingers!
  • Lay a vinyl shower curtain over your work surface, and on the floor directly under your spigot. Allow any resin spills or drips to dry and just peel them right off!
  • Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. Spray it on paper towel to wipe up drips, sticky surfaces and to wipe off your spigot once your done pouring.  


IMPORTANT: Don't use rubbing alcohol to clean your hands. 

Rubbing alcohol is great at breaking down epoxy resin, yes, but it also enables your skin to absorb it - and you don't want that! Save it for cleaning your tools and work surface, but keep it well away from your bare skin when working with resin.  

Click here to see a video Dave made all about how to clean your sticky resin hands safely and effectively!

Buy Bulk Epoxy Resin - rubbing alcohol

There you have it!
How to set up your 10 Gallon Pro Bulk Kit and some handy tips that will have you pouring like a pro in no time!!

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