Can You Put Epoxy Resin On Polymer Clay?

Yes, you can use epoxy resin over baked polymer clay to seal it, strengthen it and give it a gorgeous, glossy, look.  To cover polymer clay with ArtResin, paint it on with a disposable foam brush or apply it with gloved hands. You can also dip small objects into a cup of ArtResin.

How to coat polymer clay with resin?

 If you'd like to coat all sides of a polymer clay object, you can prop it up on pyramid stands to let it cure.  You may get drips that accumulate on the bottom of your piece as it cures, but these can easily be sanded off after the resin has dried. Apply a thin coat of ArtResin with a foam brush to restore the gloss and fill in any sanding scuff marks.

As the maximum temperature that ArtResin can come in contact with is 120F or 50C, it's best to bake your polymer clay project first, then apply your coat of
ArtResin after it has cooled.

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