How To Apply ArtResin™

Mix together equal parts from each bottle, stirring for 3 minutes. Then just pour the liquid mixture over your project and spread.

Leave it to dry for 24 hours and then love it forever!

4 Simple Steps


With gloves on, pour equal amounts of resin and hardener into a mixing cup. You can refer to our resin coverage calculator to determine how much you'll need, but just for quick reference, the 32 oz Starter Kit covers 8 sq. ft., the 1 gal Studio kit covers 32 sq. ft. and the 2 gal Professional Kit covers 64 sq. ft.

TIP - Mix up a little more than you think you’ll need because you want to completely cover your work in one shot and not have to mix more later.


Stir really well for at least 3 minutes. Scrape the sides and the bottom to make sure you’re being thorough (unmixed material will leave you with sticky spots that just won’t cure). Once you put the resin and hardener together, you’ll have about 45 minutes of working time before the resin thickens and cures.


After making sure your piece is level, go ahead and pour ArtResin® over your work. Don’t be scared! It’ll start to level on its own, and you can spread it around into place. Let the resin run over the edges and then just use a brush to tidy it up. You’ll notice bubbles will begin to rise to the surface. Many of these will pop on their own, but you can also pop them yourself for a flawless finish—our Artist's Torch works great for this (see our how-to videos for more info).

TIP - Wooden panels work best for large pieces rather than canvas because they won’t sag under the weight of the resin.


ArtResin® needs to sit for several hours in a dust-free space while it cures. In about 8 hours it will be tacky but you will be able to pour a second coat if necessary. In about 12 hours it will be dry to the touch, and within 24 hours it will be 95% cured. It will be fully cured within 72 hours.

CLEAN UP - To reuse your mixing tools, wipe them down with a paper towel before the resin dries.