Can I Use ArtResin To Make Coasters And Hot Plates?

Yes, ArtResin works great for coasters, but, unfortunately, not so great for hot plates. Here's why: the maximum temperature that cured ArtResin can be exposed to is 120F/50C. Temperatures higher than 120F/50C, such as those from a dish straight out of the oven, may lead to some irreparable damage on your resined surface. 

The heat generated from the bottom of a hot mug, on the other hand, is nowhere near that hot so you can go ahead and put it on a coaster without worry!

💡TIP: You can make coasters out of ArtResin on wood, tile, or glass mosaic, you can pour it in a silicone mold, you can even embed objects in it such as rocks, beer caps, shells etc. For more creative inspiration, check out our blog How To Make A Resin Coaster.

Check out how to resin 3D resin flower coasters!

There are all kinds of creative options out there. Just have fun!

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