How To Make 3D Resin Flower Coasters

3D flower coasters use alcohol ink and resin pigment paste to create a design that "blooms" into a flower as the resin cures.  Popular with crafters and hobby artists, resin flower coasters are a fun and easy project with impressive results! 3D floral resin coasters are a great way for beginners to get started with epoxy resin and a chance for more advanced artists to expand their resin skills.

Artist Elena Gribanova from Allure Decoration has mastered the technique of 3D resin flowers and is here to explain how it's done. Follow Elena's step-by-step techniques and tutorial to learn the basics and then change up the color palette and petal shape to create your very own custom look!

Let's get started with our tutorial on making 3D resin flowers.

what tools do I need to make resin 3D flower coasters

  • ArtResin epoxy resin
  • Alcohol Ink: Elena used blue and purple
  • White pigment paste specifically for resin (available online and in art supply stores)
  • A few pairs of disposable nitrile gloves
  • Graduated plastic mixing cup and plastic or silicone stir stick
  • Small plastic or silicone cups (one for each color)
  • 4 x Craft or popsicle sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • A plastic piping bag, plastic cup and scissors
  • Small glass chips and large glitter (Elena used gold glass chips and blue glitter)
  • Extra fine glitter for sparkle (optional)
  • 2 round, silicone coaster molds (1 large and 1 small)
  • A heat gun
  • A dust cover like a clean cardboard box, plastic tote or large deli tray lid


Step 1: Warm the resin and hardener in a warm water bath

Wearing gloves, measure the ArtResin according to the label instructions. 
For our large and small silicone molds, we used 400 ml total, made up of 200 ml of resin and 200 ml hardener. 

Pour the clear resin into the mold, starting in the center
and allowing the resin to spread out over the entire surface. Pour until the mold is just a little over halfway full.

fill silicone mold halfway full of resin
pour resin into centre of silicone mold

fill silicone mold half way full with resin


Use a heatgun to eliminate surface bubbles.

💡 TIP: Don't hold the heat gun too close or in one spot for too long or you risk damaging the mold and overheating the resin. 

use heatgun to remove surface bubbles from resin in silicone mold

Add more resin to the mold until it's almost full.  Use the heatgun once again to get rid of surface bubbles. 

Now we're ready to decorate the flowers!

pour more resin until silicone mold is full

use heatgun to remove surface bubbles from resin in silicone mold

Using a craft stick, add some gold glass chips and large blue glitter to the center of the mold. Feel free to use crystals, glass shards or stones instead. Blend them until they are well mixed.

use craft stick to add gold glass chips into centre of resin in silicone mold

add large blue glitter to the center of resin in silicone mold

use craft stick to mix glitter and glass crystals together in center of resin

Run the heat gun over the mold once again to eliminate any bubbles.

use heatgun over glitter and crystals in resin in silicone mold

use heatgun to remove bubbles from resin in silicone coaster mold


add a third row of petals to clear resin in silicone mold

Use the heatgun to eliminate any bubbles.

use a heatgun to remove surface bubbles from resin in silicone mold

Drop purple alcohol ink dots all the way around the glitter center.

add purple alcohol ink drops around the glitter center of resin in silicone mold

Add a row of blue alcohol ink drops in between the purple dots.

add blue alcohol ink drops in between the purple dots in resin

Add a few more drops (approximately 4 drops) of purple in the center.  Once you've added the purple drops, allow the ink to sit for a little while while you prepare the white resin.

add purple alcohol ink drops to center of resin silicone mold

Pour the white resin into a piping bag or a ziploc bag set in a plastic cup.

add white resin to piping bag placed in plastic cup

Push the resin down to the bottom of the bag, ensuring there are no air pockets in the resin, then secure the bag with a knot and/or a plastic clip.

knot and clip the piping bag full of white resin

Snip a tiny opening in the bottom of the bag with a sharp pair of scissors.

snip a small hole to squeeze white resin out of piping bag

Use the heatgun over the molds once more to get rid of any bubbles that may have risen to the surface.

use heat gun to remove surface bubbles from resin in silicone mold

💡TIP: If you find you have a lot of fine microbubbles, you can sprinkle a little fine glitter over the surface of the resin.  This will mimic the bubbles and create a sparkly effect.

sprinkle fine glitter into clear resin to help minimize look of bubbles

Starting in the center of the flower, create 5-6 rows of petal shapes using the piping bag. The shape of the petal and design of the flower is completely up to you. 
💡TIP: If you need some inspiration, use a photo of your favorite flower or a real life flower as reference!

create a row of petals with white resin
create a second and third row of petals with white resin
add last row of white petals into clear resin

💡TIP: You'll notice the white resin will start to sink. Touch up as needed, if you missed a spot or notice the white has sunk too much. 

touch up white petals with piping bag of white resin

Use the heat gun once more and then allow the resin to sit for a few minutes.

use heat gun to remove bubbles from 3D flower resin coaster

Dip a toothpick into the resin at the center of the mold to get a little purple resin on the tip. Insert the toothpick at the edge of the mold and drag it towards the center.  Repeat this step at even intervals until you have 12 evenly spaced lines all the way around the center. 

dip toothpick in centre of 3D resin flower to shape the petals
drag toothpick across 3D resin flower design to shape the petals
shape the flower petal in resin 3D flower by dragging toothpick through the resin drag toothpick to make even lines throughout resin coaster to shape 3D flower petals

If you see empty spaces, touch up the petals with a little more white resin from the piping bag.

use piping bag of white resin to touch up resin coaster

Use the heat gun one more time to eliminate surface bubbles.

use heat gun to remove any last bubbles before curing resin

Cover with a dustcover and leave it until the next day. 

place dust cover over resin 3D flower coasters to protect from dust while curing

When you first remove the coasters from the mold, you'll notice that the resin is bendy.  This is because it hasn't finished curing yet.  It needs to sit somewhere perfectly flat, for up to a week, to cure completely. 

💡TIP:  If you want to transform the coaster into a trinket dish, find a shallow plastic bowl to lay the bendy resin into. Allow it to cure and after a few days, it will take on the shape of the bowl. 

remove 3D resin flower coasters from mold after 24 hours
resin coaster will be bendy when you first remove it from the mold. it will harden after a few days
allow resin coasters to lay flat until they are fully cured

Once your coasters have cured, they are ready to use, to gift or to sell as part of your own resin business!  Each one is a unique work of art: you can leave them as they are or you can use a gold leaf paint marker to finish off the edges for a little extra sparkle.

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We hope you've enjoyed learning how to create stunning 3D Flower Coasters.  Please leave any questions in the comments below and our customer service team will be happy to get back to you!


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