How To Resin A Puzzle

Covering a puzzle in a coating of epoxy resin is easy - in fact, ArtResin takes puzzles next level, giving them a professional, glossy finish and turning them into a fun piece of wall art that looks like a million bucks!

Measure, mix, pour, spread, cover and wait, and in 24 hours your puzzle will go from good to gorgeous!

Let's get started .... 


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1. Pick a Puzzle

 Pick a puzzle that you love. There are lots to choose from, but look for a good quality puzzle with thick, sturdy pieces, a snug fit, and an image that is securely affixed with no lift. Lower quality puzzles have thin pieces that are often warped and don't fit together well, and may even have images that are peeling away at the edges: any of these factors may allow the sealant or the resin to absorb into your puzzle pieces, resulting in dark spots along the seams. 

💡 TIP: The better the quality of the puzzle, the better the results you will have.  

better the quality of the puzzle

2. Assemble your Puzzle

Assemble your puzzle and seal it with a brush on sealant of your choice. We recommend using a brush on sealant like Mod Podge (rather than a spray sealant) so that you can really get in between the puzzle pieces to help prevent the resin from soaking in. Use a gloved hand, a brush, a foam brush or, as we did, a plastic spreader. Ensure you coat the outer edges of the puzzle as well. 

Allow sealant to dry thoroughly.

💡 TIP: If your puzzle is lower quality, you may want to apply 2-3 coats to ensure the puzzle is totally sealed.  Allow the sealant to dry throughly in between coats.

Assemble your Puzzle
Assemble your puzzle and seal it


3. Apply a Thin Coat 

 Flip your sealed puzzle over and apply a thin coat of ModPodge or adhesive, ensuring the back is completely covered. 

Apply a Thin Coat
Flip your sealed puzzle over and apply a thin coat of ModPodge

4. Mount the Puzzle

Mount the puzzle onto the board. Lay a piece of paper on top to protect the puzzle and run a brayer over the entire surface to ensure the puzzle bonds to the board. Paying particular attention to the edges.  Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly.

Mount the puzzle onto the board

5. Prop your piece up using plastic stands


Once the adhesive has dried, prop your piece up using plastic stands ( we used overturned plastic cups ).  Now you're ready to resin!

Prop your piece up using plastic stands
Prop your piece up using plastic stands


6. Calculate how much Resin you need


Using our Resin Calculator, simply enter the length and width of your piece to determine how much ArtResin you’ll need. 
For example, a standard 1/8" or 3 mm coating for a piece of art measuring 12 x 12" requires 5 oz resin (2.5 oz resin and 2.5 oz hardener). 

Resin A Puzzle - resin calculator


7. Stir Thoroughly


Wearing gloves, measure accurately ( by volume ) precisely equal amounts of resin and hardener. Stir thoroughly for 3 minutes total, ensuring you scrape the bottom and sides of your mixing container as you go. 
💡 TIP: for our very best measuring and mixing tips, read the blog How To Measure And Mix Resin And Hardener.

Resin A Puzzle - measure accurately by volume

Resin A Puzzle - Stir thoroughly for 3 minutes total


8. Pour the ArtResin

Pour the ArtResin onto the centre of your piece and spread it out to the edges using a plastic spreader or a popsicle stick. You'll have about 45 minutes of working time before the resin gets too thick to work with.

💡 TIP: Read our blog How To Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin for more resin tips and techniques!
Pour the ArtResin
Pour the ArtResin onto the centre of your piece
spread it out to the edges using a plastic spreader
45 minutes of working time before the resin gets too thick to work with

A Note On Doming your Resin:

For a real pro finish, try doming your ArtResin, which is simply spreading your ArtResin right to the edge of your piece without going over the sides, allowing it to sit neatly on top of your artwork.  
First, pour your carefully measured and mixed resin in the centre of your piece and using your spreading tool, work the resin slowly outward, gently nudging it to the edge - ArtResin's beautiful, viscous consistency means that it will sit exactly where you want it to. Doming requires no special tools and is an easy technique to master with a little patience and a steady hand - it's one of our favourite techniques here at the ArtResin studio!  
💡 TIP: You can tape off the sides as extra insurance the first few times you try doming, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find ( as in our video ) that you don't need to tape at all.  Keep in mind that doming works best on pieces where the edges form a sharp 90 degree corner. 

Learn more about doming in our blog: What Is Doming Resin?

9. Use your Artist's Torch

Using your Artist’s Torch, hold the flame a couple of inches above the resin surface just long enough to pop the bubbles, keeping the torch moving from side to side at all times. 
💡 TIP: if you're nervous about using a torch, don't be! Read our blog with all you need to know about How To Use A Torch On Epoxy Resin.

Resin A Puzzle - painters torch

10. Check your Piece

Once the piece has been torched, look at the resin in the light for any missed bubbles, tiny hairs or bits of dust, using a toothpick to fish them out. 

Once the piece has been torched

11. Cover your Puzzle 

With a plastic tote or a cardboard box ( with the flaps cut off ) cover your piece and let it sit for 24 hrs until it’s dry to the touch.

Cover your Puzzle

12. Wait 24 Hours

After 24hrs has passed, reveal your piece!  
💡 TIP: the resin will be dry to the touch at the 24hr mark.  At this point, you're free to hang and admire your artwork on the wall, absolutely, but if you're planning on packing and shipping your artwork, please wait at least 72hrs until the resin has fully cured.

After 24hrs has passed, reveal your piece

We hope you found this informative and helpful :)

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