How To Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin

Follow a few easy steps for a perfect, thick, glossy, professional looking epoxy resin finish! After making sure your piece is clean, dry and level, thoroughly mix equal parts resin and hardener. Pour the resin over your work, spread as desired, torch out bubbles, cover and let it dry overnight!

It really is as easy as that, but read on for some more helpful tips on how to pour and spread epoxy resin.

1. Pouring & Spreading Epoxy Resin

Once you've prepped your artwork, carefully measured and mixed your resin and hardener, go ahead and pour your ArtResin over your artwork. Don't be scared! 😊

If you want to coat the entire piece, start by pouring in the centre of your work.

Pouring & Spreading Epoxy Resin

2. Use a Spreader

Use a spreader to guide the resin where you want it to go. ArtResin will naturally self-level to 1/8" or 3 mm, but you can move it around using a flat object, like a plastic spreader, to distribute the ArtResin evenly and efficiently!

Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin - Use a Spreader


Or, use a disposable foam brush if you only want to embellish specific areas of your piece! This technique is known as Selective Embellishment and you can learn more about it in our blog How Can I Selectively Embellish My Artwork With Epoxy Resin? 

Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin - disposable foam brush

💡 TIP: 
You'll have about 45 minutes to spread it before it starts to cure and gets too thick to work with. 

What will happen if I don't spread ArtResin once it's poured?

ArtResin is self-leveling, so it will spread itself out to approximately 1/8" or 3 mm without anyone touching it. Most people, however, use a flat object, like  our reusable spreaders, to spread ArtResin exactly where you want it to go.

💡 See more in our blog: Is ArtResin Epoxy Resin Self-Leveling?



3. Deal With the Edges


Edges can be dealt with in several different ways (read our blog on 5 Different Ways To Finish The Edges Of Your Artwork).  Most people like to tape off the underside of the piece and allow the resin to drip over the sides, spreading it smooth with a brush or a gloved finger.  

Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin - Deal With the Edges


💡 TIP: Drips can be wiped away with a gloved finger while they’re still wet. Taping the underside is a great way to catch drips - once the resin is dry, peel off the tape and the drips right along with it!  If you don't tape and end up with drips that dry, they can easily be sanded off.

4. Resin Doming 

Some artists like to let the ArtResin to sit domed neatly on top of their piece. Doming means that you nudge the resin just to the edge without going over the sides. 

Pour And Spread Epoxy Resin - Resin Doming


💡 TIP: You can tape off the sides as an extra insurance policy when you first start doming, but once you get the hang of it, you don't need to tape at all! ArtResin's thick consistency allows it to sit where you want it to!  

After you've poured and spread your ArtResin, you’ll notice bubbles will begin to rise to the surface. Many of these will pop on their own, but for a flawless, glass like surface, a blowtorch like our Artist Torch can't be beat!


Now, you're ready for Step 5 - Torching Your ArtResin!

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