How Do I Know When Resin Is Fully Mixed And Ready To Use?

ArtResin comes in two parts (a resin and a hardener) and when those two parts are combined, its causes a chemical reaction to happen which will turn that liquid product into a solid.

How do you know when you’ve stirred enough?

Generally, we say 3 minutes is a good general rule, making sure you scrape the bottom and sides of your mixing container as you go to make sure that it's fully mixed. Improperly mixed resin will not be able to catalyze and will not cure properly. 

So ...
put on your favourite song ..
put on a timer ...
do what you've got to do to make sure you get to that 3 minute mark!

💡 TIP:  When you’re pouring your resin mixture out, don’t scrape your mixing container!  If any unmixed resin or hardener stuck to the sides gets scraped out onto your artwork, you'll end up with soft wet spots in your cured resin. 

So remember ... scrape when you stir, not when you pour!

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