How Can I Selectively Embellish My Artwork With Epoxy Resin?

So you probably already know that ArtResin epoxy resin is a beautiful, safe, and easy way to finish off your artwork - the clear, high gloss coating makes the colors in your artwork pop, while protecting and preserving your memories forever.  

So once you're comfortable with the basic ArtResin 101 pour (measuring, mixing,
pouring, covering) you may find that your creative genius is forever sparked!

In fact, you may have already resined everything within arms reach.

You, my friend, have been bitten by the resin bug.
And sooner or later, it happens to us all.

Suffice it to say, you're ready to kick things up a notch.
So where do you go from here?

Well, have we got good news for you!  
There's a whole world of effects waiting for you, including things like tinting, embedding, layering, and lacing, to name just a very few (check out the FAQ section on the website under Experimenting for more information.)

Truly, you are limited only by your imagination. 
But by far, one of the easiest ways to take your ArtResining next level is with a technique called Selective Embellishment.

The whole idea with Selective Embellishment is exactly what the name implies:  that is, only applying ArtResin epoxy on specific parts of your artwork to highlight specific features.

You can see here how incredibly effective selectively embellishment is on the lips in this Valentine's Day inspired piece:

Dave chose to selectively embellish the heart on this piece .. (does that heart look familiar?)  :)

And look at how incredibly effective just 2 single, carefully placed drops of ArtResin were on Rebecca's squirrel's eyes.  It instantly brings this little guy to life!!

ArtResin makes Selective Embellishment easy - its thick consistency means you can push it around and it will sit exactly where you want it to.  
Pour it on and use a popsicle stick or a toothpick to nudge it where you want it, or use an old paintbrush for a stipple effect.  

Either way you apply it, ArtResin is self levelling for the perfect, even finish!!
As Dave always says .... "Experiment and have fun!!"

Take a peek at these 2 videos to watch Selective Embellishment in action:

What techniques do you love using with ArtResin?
Let us know in the comments below!! 

Do you want to learn more about resin art techniques. See below our how-to tutorials: 

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