How To Clean Resin Off Your Hands

If you accidentally get resin on your hands, wrists or arms, it needs to be removed right away to avoid possible skin irritation reactions. Epoxy resin is sticky, so it's important to use the correct cleanser to remove it. Hand soap and water will not remove resin entirely from your skin. Solvents should never be used to clean sticky hands because they dissolve resin, allowing your skin to absorb it. Instead, a cleanser containing an exfoliant will gently scrub away all traces of resin from your skin; not only is it the most effective method, but it's also the safest. We're sharing our favorite cleansers - and what you should stay away from - when working with epoxy resin. 

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How Can I Protect My Skin From Resin?

The best way to protect your skin while using epoxy resin is by working clean: wear protective long sleeved clothing and disposable gloves
, changing them for a clean pair as often as needed. We like using nitrile gloves here at ArtResin - they're strong and offer excellent chemical resistance without the allergens often associated with latex.

Tips: If you're concerned about resin getting on exposed areas like your wrists or forearms, you can use a barrier cream (like 
Stokoderm®) which you apply to your skin before you resin. The cream will seal up your pores, creating a film layer that prevents the resin from penetrating the skin. 

always wear gloves when handling resin

What Happens If You Get Resin On Your Hands?

In addition to a sticky mess, some users may find their skin becomes irritated if it comes into direct, prolonged contact with epoxy resin. Irritation may include redness and itchiness and should subside after the resin is removed. For this reason, if you accidentally get resin on your skin, remove it immediately. 

What Removes Sticky Resin From Your Skin?

A water-less, exfoliant cleanser is the safest and most effective way to remove resin from your skin.
This includes:

  • Orange hand cleaner from the hardware store.
  • A dry scrub made using poppy seeds or coarse salt mixed with a little liquid dish soap.
  • An oil based sugar or salt scrub. 

exfoliant hand cleaner to remove resin from hands

How To Remove Epoxy Resin From Skin?

Combine a small amount of hand cleaner or dry scrub in your hands. 
Rub over your hands, the wrists and forearms. Rinse and repeat until all traces of resin are gone, then follow up with hand soap and plenty of warm water.

salt scrub to remove resin
poppy seed scrub to remove resin from hands

Can You Wash Off Epoxy Resin With Soap And Water?

Soap and water will remove some epoxy resin from skin, but it may not remove the resin entirely.
It may leave a residue of resin on your skin which could cause irritation. To remove resin most effectively, it's best to use an exfoliant based cleanser first, followed up with soap and water.

soap and water are not effective at removing epoxy resin from skin

What Do You Not Recommend To Remove Resin From Skin?

Do not use solvent liquids to remove epoxy resin from your skin.
 Solvents break down resin, allowing it to penetrate your skin which could result in subsequent irritation. We do not recommend using the following to clean resin from hands:

  • acetone
  • alcohol
  • vinegar
  • mineral spirits
  • disinfectant wipes
  • hand sanitizer 

how to clean up resin alcohol paper towel

Do you have a favorite hand cleaner, scrub or techniques for getting resin off hands?

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