Does Epoxy Resin Expire?

What is the shelf life of ArtResin?
I found an old bottle of epoxy resin ... can I still use it?
How long does epoxy resin last?  

We often get questions like this from customers asking if ArtResin has an expiry date. The answer is that, like most art materials, ArtResin has a recommended shelf life, but that doesn't mean the product can't be used after this date. Think of it more as a best before date rather than an expiry date.

Does epoxy resin go bad?

ArtResin’s best before date of 12 months unopened and 6 months opened refers to the clarity of the product and how long you can expect ArtResin to stay looking just as clear as the day it was made.⁣ ⁣ 

While the resin will remain clear, the hardener's shelf life is shortened once opened because of oxidization: that is, when you open the bottle and the hardener comes into contact with oxygen, there is a yellowing effect, much like the browning of an apple or avocado once cut and exposed to air. ⁣ ⁣Thankfully, this yellowing doesn't become apparent until approximately the 6 month mark. 

💡 TIP: to delay oxidization, always ensure that you re-cap the bottle as soon as you finish pouring your hardener.

Keep in mind that yellowing hardener from oxidization is entirely different than yellowing caused by UV exposure, 
but not to worry ... we’ve got you covered there too! Even when cured, you can expect ArtResin to stay clear for the longterm: it’s chemically engineered to protect your work from the damaging effects of UV as well.⁣ Read more about it in our blog What Are The Benefits Of ArtResin

What happens if you use ArtResin past its recommended shelf life? 

Rest assured, that if you were to use ArtResin beyond its best before date, the resin and hardener will still react and cure as expected. 

In other words, the yellowing in the hardener will not affect ArtResin's ability to cure. 

In fact, the hardener will dilute once mixed with the resin (which stays clear.)  Although you may not want to use it on a white or very light piece of artwork, it's absolutely fine to use on darker pieces of art, on wood, or for tinting with a colorant like ResinTint.  

use ArtResin beyond its shelf life

So remember ... we always advise only buying as much ArtResin as you think you will need to ensure your resin is always as fresh as can be.

If, however, you do find yourself with resin that is approaching its best before date, not to worry!  Make yourself a charcuterie board, some flow art or a petri dish and you won't have any wasted ArtResin!


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