What's That Smell? Explaining Epoxy Resin Odor

Posted on 8 Sep 20:48

Like most chemicals, all epoxy resins generally have some kind of odor.  This odor can range from discreet and harmless, to powerful and noxious.  Often these overpowering unpleasant smells are indicative of health hazards, and common sense should tell the user to take caution around products emitting such bad smells. 

ArtResin produces a low odor that some customers describe as "actually kind of pleasant", "kind of like asian fruit", and "barely noticeable".  However its smell is interpreted, it is important to note that what customers are smelling are not fumes.  ArtResin produces no fumes or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so its scent should by no means alert the user to any potential danger.  In fact, ArtResin has been evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials and designated to be safe for home use when used as directed in a well ventilated area.  So users can go ahead and breathe normally!  Read our SDS for more information.

...What do you think ArtResin smells like?