What Resin Art Sells the Best & Where to Sell Resin Art?

Epoxy resin is a highly versatile material that can be poured onto a surface or molded into shapes to create a wide variety of art projects. Whether you’re making wall art, jewelry, trays, coasters, tumblers or river tables  - epoxy resin adds a shiny touch to them all!

If you’re an artist or a hobbyist with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can create extra income by making and selling resin crafts.

All you need to start up your resin business is some strategy and a bit of marketing to get your crafts in front of potential buyers. Read our tips today.

Is There A Demand for Resin Crafts?

The resin industry is booming
, with many people starting to discover the beautiful and diverse world of resin art. Part of the appeal is resin’s versatility, giving epoxy resin DIYers and artists the ability to easily create handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces.

According to a recent market research study, the epoxy resin market earned around US $9.1 billion in revenue in 2021. By 2028, it is projected to gain nearly US $14.7 billion in returns. These figures prove how lucrative the epoxy resin industry is for artists and hobbyists who want to increase their earnings. 

Is it profitable?

The quick answer is - yes!
 The resin art market is still relatively small but is growing at a rapid pace. Those able to capture even a small portion of this market can expect to see considerable profits as their small resin business grows. In time, there could be opportunities for specialization and niche products too. 

In short, the business prospects for resin art crafters and suppliers are more than you can imagine. 

So, when it comes to selling your resin art, where should you start?

How To Sell Resin Crafts?


1. Build Your Niche

One way to build your resin craft business is to focus on a specific type of craft
 and to put in the time to build your unique design style and techniques. For example, you could specialize in creating jewelry, sculptures, coasters, charcuterie boards or other home decor ideas.

Once you have developed your signature style, customers will be drawn to your work because they know they can depend on high quality workmanship from you. This will make it easier to market and sell your epoxy resin projects and expand your product lineup in the future.

2. Buy Your Resin Art Supplies

You don’t really need that much to get started with resin art.
 In fact, you can get started with a few basic supplies, like 
resin and hardener, mold making material, pigments and epoxy resin accessories

Find a trusted and reputable resin supplier that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. Cheap alternatives can be toxic, dangerous for your health, and can turn yellow after some time, turning your customers away in the long run. 

You will also want to ensure that your supplier offers a wide range of products, so you can find everything you need in one place.

3. Build a Strong Online Presence

Online visibility is critical for any business
, especially for small craft businesses, where visual appeal is a key selling point. 

Instagram, Pinterest, and other visual-centric platforms are great places to start building your online presence. Make sure to post high-quality images of your work, as well as helpful blog posts and tutorials.

4. Be Consistent

Above all, the most important factor in determining the success of your resin business is being consistent.
 This means putting in the work on a regular basis, even during those moments you don't feel like it.  Whether that's creating more inventory, updating your website or posting social media campaigns, this consistency lets your target market know they can rely on you and goes a long way to build a sense of trust and loyalty.

Where To Sell Resin Art?

You can sell and promote your epoxy resin projects and items on popular social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.
 TikTok and Pinterest are also suitable platforms for marketing your work and products with attractive images and high-res videos.

In addition, you can create your own unique e-commerce website or sell your products on Amazon Handmade, eBay, Etsy, Shopify or similar online sales channels that are popular in your target region.

Apart from the web, you can leverage the power of word-of-mouth to sell your epoxy resin creations offline. 

What Resin Art Sells Best?

Below are some resin art ideas that are currently on-trend in the epoxy resin market.

10 Best Resin Ideas To Sell


1. Resin Keychain Art

People love carrying around a little piece of handmade art that represents their personality, such as resin keychains. You can also decorate your bags and purses with them. Keychains are small and relatively inexpensive to make and are a perfect starting point for epoxy resin beginners who want to start selling their crafts. 

The ideas for resin keychain art are endless, from personalized letters to mesmerizing alcohol ink effects and embedded dried flowers.

how to make resin keychains


2. Resin Coasters


People who like spending time with friends and family at home are always on the lookout for unique and eye-catching home decor items. Most of them are also willing to pay a premium for a beautiful, handcrafted set of coasters. 

People love buying them as a gift for their loved ones too.

Whether you create a mosaic with glass tiles, make a petri dish, coat a stone tile or slice of wood, coasters are a simple and fun way to get creative with epoxy resin. They are relatively easy to make and can be sold individually or in sets. 

With a bit of practice, you can churn out a batch of coasters in no time!

Read more here about How To Make A Resin Coaster DIY.

ArtResin - Glass Mosaic Coaster


3. Resin Jewelry


The trend for delicate, minimalist jewelry shows no signs of slowing down, and resin jewelry is the perfect way to tap into this market.

From resin earrings, charms, resin necklace pendants, and bracelets, the ideas for handmade jewelry are unlimited. Try experimenting with colored pigments, glitter and dyes, pouring them into silicone molds and bezels. Add attachments like hooks, pins, beads and gems to make your crafts stand out. 

If you love ArtResin epoxy resin, note that it is best for making certain types of jewelry, where the resin is poured into pendants. It may not be appropriate for pieces that are meant to be worn without a substrate (e.g., a bangle). 

how to make resin jewelry


Learn how to resin jewelry!

4. Resin Geode Art

Inspired by rock formations found in nature, geode resin art is incredibly popular, and for good reason. 

This type of artwork is created by placing crushed glass and crystals alongside tinted resin to recreate the look of natural rock. Using pigments and mica powder, you can create resin geodes in any color palette you wish, adding decorative elements like glitter and metallic paint for a luxurious finish.

The result is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art, perfect for home decor.

If geode art excites you, check out How To Make Resin Geode Art.

resin geode art epoxy resin mica powder glitter crushed glass crystals

5. Resin Bookmarks

A thin, flat mold, epoxy resin and colorants are all you need for crafting beautiful bookmarks that sell like crazy!

how to make a resin bookmark

6. Resin Tumbler

Transform a boring old mug into a fun, personalized tumbler and sell it! 

 From glitter tumblers to marbled and striped patterns, epoxy resin will give your drinking cup a unique character.

 Read our step-by-step guide on How To Make A Resin Tumbler DIY.


how to make a resin tumbler

7. Resin Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are very popular with those who love to entertain. 

A charcuterie platter is a simple-to-prepare show-stopper, delivering big on both flavor and looks. You can give your food boards a high-gloss or matte finish.

Making your own one-of-a-kind epoxy resin charcuterie wooden board is definitely fun and sellable. Select a board from a durable, hard type of wood, like walnut, maple, cherry, or ash, and get started!


Check out How To Make A Resin Charcuterie Board step-by-step by woodworking artist Jordan Codack.


how to make a resin charcuterie board

8. Resin Tray

Tiered resin trays are a simple yet elegant way to display desserts, cupcakes, appetizers or hors d'oeuvres

Whether you prefer the look of two-tier or three-tier trays, handcrafted epoxy resin stands are beautiful, easy to make and totally customizable to match the color theme of a baby shower, wedding or special event.

You can create marbled effects or make impressive trays with dried flowers, gold leaves and glitter. Be sure they will sell out!

Read here How To Make A Tiered Resin Tray.

epoxy resin tiered tray dried flowers gold leaf

9. Ocean Resin Art

Create beautiful, realistic beach art using just tinted epoxy resin and a hairdryer and impress your customers!

Epoxy resin’s clarity, consistency and gloss replicate the look of water in a way you simply can't get with any other medium.

Ocean art is suitable for coasters or river tables. It gives a feeling of motion and depth to these functional items we use every day. Beautiful, deep ocean blues contrast with white wave crests against a sandy shore that will make you want to dive right in.

Learn How To Make Ocean Resin Art and see your sales rise!

10. Resin Petri Dish

Petri dishes are colorful, mesmerizing, easy to prepare, and customers love them!


Learn here How To Make A Resin Petri Dish with the expert in epoxy resin petri dishes, Josie Lewis.



The Bottom Line

The epoxy resin art market is growing rapidly, offering the opportunity to ambitious artists and DIYers just like you to put your own unique stamp on it.

With a bit of effort and the right tools on hand, you will be able to generate some extra money while practicing your hobby.  What’s better than that? ;) 


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