Mold Making Material

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    Epoxy Resin Silicone Mold Supplies

Mold Making Material

Start your mold making journey with ArtResin.

In addition to epoxy resin, our online store carries high-quality, non-toxic and food safe silicone mold making material, ideal for artists, crafters and DIY enthusiasts.

Have you ever imagined taking a 3D object and making your own copy? It’s totally possible with our premium mold making material, and you can duplicate that object again and again.

It’s so easy… and so much fun.

Mold Making Material is a 2-part platinum silicone that you can use to make your own reusable molds. 

First, you need a frame for the mold. You can use a simple item you probably already have at home, like a milk carton or a plastic container. Put the object you want to duplicate inside the frame - if it’s lightweight, you may want to tack it down with glue.  Measure and mix the Mold Making Material and pour it over the object. Leave it to cure for 3 hours at room temperature, until it’s no longer sticky to the touch. Using a utility knife, cut the frame open and carefully remove the object from the mold. Congratulations - you're ready to create replicas of your object.

Here’s a Mold Making Material video that takes you step by step through the process, with lots of helpful tips.

You can use Mold Making Material with a variety of materials to craft unique pieces of art at home or in the studio. It’s compatible with ArtResin epoxy resin, but you can also cast objects made of plaster, cement, soap, wax and more. Mold Making Material is food safe once cured and can be used with chocolate, candy, ice, butter and other moldable food items to create custom shapes out of anything that inspires you!

Mold Making Material is both flexible and durable, creating a strong, smooth mold that stretches without tearing. It reproduces objects with even the finest details and has excellent release properties. What’s more, it’s non-toxic, odorless, and safe for home use. 

Say yes to Mold Making Material with no VOCs, no BPAs, and no fumes to protect yourself, your art and the environment.

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