What is the Difference Between a Butane and Propane Torch?

Butane vs Propane Torch

In my opinion, if you are using a flame to help remove bubbles from ArtResin Epoxy Resin, then the best tool for the job is a propane torch head with a flame spreader clip attachment to turn the flame from a pointed cylinder to a flat, wide fan shape.

Art Resin Butane and Propane Torch
Art Resin butane or propane


Using a butane or propane torch really comes down to a personal preference in the end.

Here is some information to help you decide:

Both butane and propane are ‘liquefied petroleum gas’.

Which One Burns Hotter?


They are very similar. Both burn at the exact same temperature.


Art Resin Propane Pros

Propane Pros

• Most popular world-wide so tanks are easy to find.
• burns and stores better in the cold.
• Stored under higher pressure, allowing for larger size
• flames as it shoots out of the torch.

Butane Pros

• a ‘cleaner fuel’ and produces a bit less Carbon Monoxide.
• torches are more compact and portable.
• harder to find aerosol can refills, but not that hard.
• doesn’t do that well in the cold.
• a bit cheaper than propane
• lower storage pressure means smaller flames

I started with a butane torch because they are generally smaller so they are less scary :). Now I prefer propane and have grown to realize that it’s not really all that scary after all!

In summary, my suggestion is that if you are new to playing with fire, start with butane.

When you become comfortable, invest in a propane torch head with a flame spreader.

If you are comfortable with the idea of fire in the studio, the best tool for the job is the propane torch head with flame spreader :)

It’s getting hot in here!

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