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Conversations With Artists ... with Rebecca Zak

I'm Rebecca Zak, ArtResin's co-founder, and I'm so proud to bring you our video series, Conversations With Artists. 

Picking up where our popular Featured Artist series leaves off, Conversations With Artists provides an opportunity to delve into deeper dialogue with contemporary resin artists to discuss their work, inspiration and the artistic process.

Here's a little more about the series...

By creating a forum to engage, connect, and share stories, I hope to foster a sense of community, provoke thought, and ultimately spark further creativity in all its many forms.

After all, creativity is incredibly important!!!  From a macro lens, creativity is the opposite of destruction--and as such, the answer to how to make the world a better place. (...want more details?? You can read my blog where I explore this idea further).

With four videos in the series done so far and many more to come, we hope you enjoy!


Conversations With Artists - Mike Hammer
Mike’s blob paintings are gorgeous - fun, candy-coloured, layered circles that look good enough to eat!

He ended up with the blob after years spent trying to develop his own unique methods of paint application. Settling on the squeeze bottle as his tool of choice, Mike experimented with high-flowing acrylic paint until his blobs were perfect. Textured and vibrant, the blobs allow Mike to create non-representational yet orderly works of art: his paintings are based on visual elements and technique rather than concept or commentary.

Take a peek to hear Mike discuss the place of the blob in his artwork, his struggles and his 3-step painting process:

To hear more from Mike, check out his Featured Artist profile!

See more of Mike's art:

visit his website at
and on Instagram at @mikehammerart

Conversations With Artists
- Marc Scheff

NYC-based artist Marc Scheff's work is stunningly beautiful ... portraits that incorporate intricate pencil drawing, painting and gold leaf under layers and layers of ArtResin. All the individual sections work to create a perfect, multi-dimensional whole.

I was lucky enough to get a peek into Marc's Brooklyn studio to discuss process and exploration: appreciating the freedom that accidents can provide and how problem solving those mistakes is, in fact, what leads to artistic growth.


Marc and I also discuss the value of community: artists helping other artists, sharing ideas to stimulate thought and creativity... which is also the very inspiration behind our Conversations With Artists series.

To hear more from Marc, check out his Featured Artist profile!

See more of Marc's art:
visit his website at
and on Instagram at @marcscheff

Conversations With Artists - Dan Lam
Dan’s weird yet wonderful blob and drip sculptures are at once a visual and a tactile feast - eye candy with such a strong sensory allure that you just want to run your hands over them.

Dan describes her work as both beautiful and ugly and it's this tension, this space between beauty and ugliness, where Dan absolutely shines. The idea of tension and co-existing contrast is a theme that Dan explores in her work from start to finish. Not only does she create her art by using raw materials in a different way than they were originally intended, but her finished work creates a tension as well … people are so engaged with her sculptures that they long to reach out and touch her work, yet can’t do so in a gallery setting. Dan loves the idea that her work can invoke this sense of unfulfilled desire.

I recently spent some time with Dan in her Dallas studio to discuss her work and to examine how moving through critique, discomfort and challenge can lead to the greatest artistic growth.

To hear more from Dan, check out her Featured Artist profile!

See more of Dan's art:
visit her website at
Follow her on Instagram: @sopopomo

Conversations With Artists - Callen Schaub

Callen is a contemporary abstract artist with his own unconventional twist on spin art. He paints using gravity and homemade machines including a canvas spinner made from bicycle parts, paint trough swings and leaking paint can pendulums. 
When art and science collide, the results are nothing short of fantastic - vibrant, explosive canvases that capture the motion and energy of flying paint!

I recently sat down with Callen to examine how his creative process is a dance between order and chaos, the role of the artist, and why art is the only career path for him.

To hear more from Callen, check out his Featured Artist profile!

See more of Callen's art:

visit his website at
follow him on Instagram: @callenschaub

Conversations With Artists - Jane Monteith

In this episode, I'm in conversation with artist Jane Monteith, an artist based near Barrie, Ontario who works primarily with resin and alcohol ink on yupo paper. Through her many YouTube tutorials, online courses and her incredibly popular Mod Mini art squares, Jane has quickly established herself as an alcohol ink and yupo art expert.

I sat down with Jane in her in-home studio to chat about creativity, consistency, content and connection, and how providing value to her customers and fans has enabled her to turn her creative passion into a successful career.

To hear more from Jane, watch her Featured Artist profile!

Check out more of Jane's work:
visit her website:
watch her on YouTube:
follow her on Instagram: @janelovesdesign

Stay tuned for another intriguing and always thought-provoking episode of Conversations With Artists, coming soon!

About the author: Rebecca Zak

Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I co-founded ArtResin with my husband, Dave. I’m a serial entrepreneur! As an artist and a former teacher, I've been able to leverage my creativity and experience to start multiple business ventures. In fact, there's nothing I love more than seeing a good idea turned into...