ArtResin Featured Artist - Dan Lam

We are so proud to introduce our next featured artist ... Dan Lam!

Dan creates brightly colored blobs and drip sculptures from polyurethane foam, acrylics and ArtResin, onto which she applies hundreds of meticulously piped spikes.

The result is a both a visual and tactile feast ...
Eye candy that you just want to reach out and touch!

brightly colored blobs and drip sculptures

Dan's work, while curiously beautiful, also evokes a strange otherworldly quality ...
like amoebas or sea creatures, her sculptures look as though they could start breathing and oozing their way right off the shelf ...

A post shared by Dan Lam (@sopopomo) on

A post shared by Dan Lam (@sopopomo) on

This idea of beautiful vs strange, of co-existing contrast, is where Dan's work truly shines. From creation to finished piece, her work is a thoughtful balancing act between opposites:

Smooth, organically formed foam coupled with deliberately pointed spikes.
Sculptures that imply the threat of pain yet are begging to be touched.
Spontaneity vs predictability.
Release vs control.
Soft vs hard.
Beauty vs ugliness.

Even her artistic process is a contrast: Dan does her best work, creating bright, neon, candy colored works of art in the darkness of night.

We recently spent some time with Dan in her Dallas studio, to watch her create her signature drip sculptures and to chat about the idea of contrast, her drive to create and the values that matter to her as an artist.

Want to hear more?
For an even deeper look into Dan's background, inspiration and process, check out our Conversations With Artists episode, below. Rebecca and Dan examine how moving through critique, discomfort and challenge can lead to the greatest artistic growth.

See more of Dan's art!
Visit her website:
Follow her on Instagram: @sopopomo


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