Meet Spin Artist Callen Schaub

We guarantee that watching our next artist in action will blow you away!
Introducing our newest Featured Artist ... Callen Schaub.

Callen is a contemporary abstract artist with his own unconventional twist on spin art:  he paints using gravity and homemade machines including a canvas spinner made from bicycle parts, paint trough swings and leaking paint can pendulums. 

When art and science collide, the results are nothing short of fantastic - vibrant, explosive canvases that capture the motion and energy of flying paint!

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Callen's colourful work explores the relationship between stillness and movement, between chaos and control, art and physics, artist and nature. As the artist, he may set the creative process in motion but the force of gravity is what actually determines the end result.

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The ArtResin team was lucky enough to have spent some time with Callen at his Toronto studio to watch him in action (his techniques themselves being performance art) and to chat with him about how he creates his work, listens to it and, ultimately, lets it go.

Check out more of Callen's art at:

Follow Callen on social media:
Instagram: @callenschaub
Facebook: @callenschaubart

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