ArtResin Featured Artist - Marc Scheff

Posted on 07 Jun 16:51
We so pleased to introduce you to today's Featured Artist ... our friend Marc Scheff!

Marc's work is stunningly beautiful ... ethereal portraits that, at a closer glance, reveal intricate pencil drawings, paintings and goldleaf flourishes superimposed upon layers and layers of ArtResin.  All the individual parts working synergistically to create a perfect whole - a multi-dimensional process that almost brings his artwork to life.

Not only is Marc exceptionally talented, but he has the most wonderful down-to-earth demeanour too. His love of drawing and painting is clear. And just like his multilayered paintings, Marc values the beauty of these foundations individually, as much as the finished artwork itself.

ArtResin was lucky enough to visit Marc at his Brooklyn studio to discuss art, his process and how the idea of permission has allowed him to evolve as an artist.


To see more of Marc's work:
visit his website at
and on Instagram at @marcscheff