ArtResin Featured Artist - Mike Hammer!

We are so pleased to feature Toronto based artist Mike Hammer!

Mike is such an inspiring artist. His work is so unique and so colorful that we had to feature him in our artist series :)

In this video, Mike shares the process behind his "blobs" and who influenced his work. Mike has great insight into his own work as well as the work of the artist in general. We found it fascinating just to sit down and chat about color and paint and the enjoyment Mike gets from the blob process.

Mike has some great advice and a wonderful perspective. We hope you enjoy sharing a moment with him and the beauty of the blob!

Enjoy :)

Want to hear more?
For an even deeper look into Mike's background, inspiration and process, check out our Conversations With Artists episode, below. Rebecca and Mike discuss the place of the blog in his artwork, his struggles and his 3-step painting process.

See more of Mike's work:
Visit his website at
Follow him on Instagram: @mikehammerart

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