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We are so happy to introduce you to our next Featured Artist ... Jane Monteith!

Jane is a contemporary artist based near Barrie, Ontario who works primarily with resin and alcohol ink on yupo paper. Through her many YouTube tutorials, online courses and her incredibly popular Mod Mini art squares, Jane has quickly established herself as THE go-to for alcohol ink and yupo art.

Jane's Mod Minis are her super fun and super cute one-of-a-kind art miniatures.  They are her most popular pieces - in fact, her inventory changes ( and sells out ) month after month.  

Jane's work is distinctive, characterized by fun patterns and bright bursts of colour. A self-taught artist, she has become a master of technique. Constantly experimenting, Jane uses different brushes, tools and mediums to apply the alcohol ink to yupo to achieve a variety of colour combinations, textures and effects, before piecing it all together to create her artwork.  

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For Jane, alcohol ink is the perfect art material: no other medium offers the same vibrancy and deeply saturated colour, through which Jane can express herself in her paintings. Though she starts off with the structure of a colour palette, tools and a vision, alcohol ink truly is a free flowing, uncontrollable medium.  It has taught Jane to release any sense of perfection or control and to enjoy the organic nature of the process, the end result often something completely different than what she had originally envisioned. 
Because alcohol ink has such a short working time, it requires Jane to concentrate solely on her paintings, without distraction. The freedom she allows herself, the ability to immerse herself in her own creative world, brings her joy and happiness everyday.

Jane firmly believes in the importance of community. Supporting other artists,  engaging in conversation, and exchanging ideas helps Jane with her own inspiration. She is so open with her process and hopes that by sharing her successes, she can help other artists experiment and expand their skills as well. She regularly offers online courses, video demos and even offers colour palettes and how-to digital downloads via her Instagram page @janelovescolor.

ArtResin recently paid a visit to Jane's studio to chat with her about her alcohol ink process, creativity and why her goal is to continue making art for the rest of her life.


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