Prevent yellowing

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Why Does My Resin Turn Yellow?

From time to time, you may find that your cured resined piece has changed unexpectedly in appearance from clear to yellow. Why can cured epoxy resin turn yellow? More importantly, what can be done to help prevent yellowing? There are several different reasons why epoxy resin can appear discolored:  ... see more

Which Epoxy Resin is Best for Artwork?

When choosing an epoxy resin to cover your painting, photo, wood project, print, or other kind of craft, you may be tempted to go with whatever is cheapest.  But be warned—what may at first seem relatively inexpensive could wind up costing you a ton over the long run in damaged artwork!   How Resins... see more

Top 4 ArtResin Ideas! No. 3 - Coating a Mounted Photo

Here's how to mount and resin a photo!  Video tutorial included!     First, you need a wooden panel (as opposed to a canvas).  Clamp your print down on one side and lift up the other side so you can use spray adhesive on the panel.  Use PLENTY of spray adhesive!  Then let go of the print, letting ... see more

Top 4 ArtResin Ideas! No. 1 - Embed Beer Caps

Introducing our Top 4 Ideas for using ArtResin! This is the first video in the series, on embedding beer caps in ArtResin (or anything, for that matter).   To embed objects, first prep your platform.  In this case, I'm using a wooden panel meant for painting on, but I've just turned it around so tha... see more

Create Stunning Art with ArtResin's Advanced Ant-Yellowing Technology

We're making a big deal out of our new ArtResin formula because, unlike every other resin on the market, ours is chemically engineered to offer advanced protection against yellowing!  This product has the right mix of ingredients to keep your work significantly clearer. Let me explain how it works..... see more