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Epoxy Resin Care Instructions: FREE Download

Learn How To Care For Your Resin Creations Whether you've created resin art, coasters, jewelry, charcuterie boards, keychains or tumblers, taking proper care of your creations will help keep them looking their best. ArtResin's handy guide covers these popular resin creations, offering best practices... see more

FREE e-book: Guide To Selling Your Resin Work

Have you ever wondered if you can make money making resin art? The answer is YES, you can! If you're an artist or crafter with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can make money selling resin art ... and ArtResin's FREE e-book, the Guide To Selling Your Resin Work, can help you get started!   The resin a... see more

What Resin Art Sells the Best & Where to Sell Resin Art?

Epoxy resin is a highly versatile material that can be poured onto a surface or molded into shapes to create a wide variety of art projects. Whether you’re making wall art, jewelry, trays, coasters, tumblers or river tables  - epoxy resin adds a shiny touch to them all! If you’re an artist or a hob... see more

How to Price Your Art

  As artists, we all want to make a sale but finding that price point sweet spot can be stressful. Luckily there are a few inherent factors to consider to help you put a number on your art.     First, the basics of art pricing: 1. There is no right or wrong way, unless you’re not selling—in which ... see more

How to Make Money as an Artist

  So you're an artist, and you want to make money from your art. As artists, we all dream of earning a living from our art — and with some hard work, we can achieve it!      Here is a list of 10 ways to turn your talent into dollars! Some of these possibilities may fit your lifestyle and capaci... see more

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