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What Is Resin: How Is It Made & Used?

Have you ever come across that glossy resin finish on paintings or crafts and wondered how to get that same gorgeous look on your own art? Resin is a highly versatile material that has become popular among artists, crafters, woodworkers, and hobbyists. Resin offers endless creative possibilities and... see more

Resin and Alcohol Ink: 2 Secret Weapons For Petri Dish Effects

Petri dish art is a fascinating type of fluid art made by dropping alcohol ink into epoxy resin. The end result looks like a magnificent science experiment, with colorful tendrils, blobs, and squiggles magically suspended in the cured resin.If you've ever tried making petri dish art, you'll know it ... see more

Can Resin Art Be Done on Glass?

Yes, it sure can!  Epoxy resin is so versatile when used with glass, and there are many different ways to create colorful works of art. For example, you can: Use resin as an adhesive for glass tiles, a grout for mosaics, or a top coat over shard glass to make sure sharp edges are not exposed. Us... see more

ArtResin's 100 Days Of Art Challenge

Did you know that being around art can genuinely make us feel happier?  Science has shown that whether you're creating it or simply appreciating it, art promotes the release of feel-good endorphins while simultaneously decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. More importantly, participating in creat... see more

ArtResin vs Industrial Clear Epoxy: What Are The Differences?

You may already be familiar with ArtResin, the original epoxy resin product that pioneered the resin art world.  Backed by high quality ingredients, third-party tested safety standards, unprecedented customer support, how-to videos and blogs, ArtResin has earned its reputation as the go-to brand ... see more

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