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How Is ArtResin Non-Toxic? When Is It NOT Non-Toxic?

ArtResin is non-toxic when used as directed. This means that if you follow the instructions for use, there is no cause for concern or risk to one’s health. We've had our product evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials; ArtResin conforms to ASTM D4236: Safe for Home Use. This is e... see more

Why ArtResin Is Cruelty Free

ArtResin is cruelty free epoxy resin: it contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals.  It has always mattered to us that ArtResin is safe for people to use, and it's just as important that safety doesn't come at the expense of animals. We firmly believe that it's possible to create a... see more

How Dangerous Is Your Epoxy Resin?

If you've ever used resin, or are thinking of using it in the future, this is information you can't live without.  Here it is, the honest truth: most epoxy resins on the market are really bad for you.  Do you actually know if the epoxy resin you’re using can cause cancer? Reproductive harm or re... see more

Is Epoxy Food Safe?

Using a food safe epoxy is important for anyone making resin projects that will contact food, such as countertops, boards, or trays. In this article, we'll explore what makes epoxy food safe.Experimenting with epoxy resin to create beautiful resin art is both fun and rewarding. Be aware, however, th... see more

ArtResin Safety Certifications - What Do They Mean?

Over the years, ArtResin has undergone numerous in-depth safety evaluations and environmental tests. We wanted to ensure that the product was safe for use at home or in the art studio, not only so our customers could feel confident, but because we use ArtResin too. Dave, one of the founders of ArtRe... see more

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