How to Create Lacing and Cells in Resin

Creating with ArtResin epoxy isn't just about pouring and letting it cure to a flawless, glass-like finish. It can be... but it can also be so much more!

Lacing and cells are just 2 of the effects you can achieve resin flow art. They are beautiful techniques, especially in ocean art, and here's how to do it.

How to get lacing in resin

Lacing is the effect where pigmented resin separates out and creates a look that resembles lace. To achieve this look, first mix up a batch of ArtResin and separate the mixture into cups depending on how many colors you choose to use.

ArtResin - How to get lacing in resin

Next, lay the colors onto your canvas or board in the pattern you like best. Then, grab a hair dryer to make the magic happen.

ArtResin - lay the colors onto your canvas

Hold the hair dryer at a 45° angle and watch the dryer push the colors around which will naturally create beautiful feathering or "lacing" patterns.

ArtResin - hair dryer at a 45° angle

If you use the hair dryer on white, especially, the effect will stand out that much more in your artwork.

ArtResin - effect will stand out that much

How to make cells in Resin

The secret to achieving those cell-like effects in your flow art is to use silicone oil.

ArtResin - make cells in Resin

Add a couple of drops of silicone into your tinted cup before you pour onto your canvas and watch the silicone repel the resin to create cells and other beautiful results.

ArtResin - drops of silicone into your tinted cup

That's it! However you intend to mix your colors the results are always a surprise but also very satisfying.

Below is our ResintTint 101 video that showcases many of the techniques you can use while coloring your ArtResin. Using drops of silicone in tinted resin is demonstrated near the 2:40 mark.


💡TIP: Be aware that silicone oil may cause the resin to yellow prematurely.

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