Advanced Non-Yellowing Technology: Yes, It's Possible.

Posted on 7 Apr 22:29

We're making a big deal out of our new ArtResin formula because, unlike every other resin on the market, ours is chemically engineered to offer advanced protection against yellowing!  This product has the right mix of ingredients to keep your work significantly clearer. Let me explain how it works...


You've likely seen resin formulas out there that have a UV stabilizer.  ArtResin has this, plus another additive called HALS which you won't find anywhere else.  The UV stabilizer in our formula is a high quality additive that protects against gloss loss, cracking, chalking, delamination, and to some extent, discoloration.  All alone, a UV stabilizer is not enough to effectively protect artwork, photography, woodworking and the like from the naturally occurring yellowing process of epoxy.  HALS on the other hand has the sole responsibility of keeping your work clear and gorgeous for the long term.  Basically, HALS inhibits the UV light-induced degradation of the polymer.  In plain English, it significantly slows down UV light's natural cycle that causes the material to break down (and therefore yellow).  HALS was discovered in 1959 and in the time since, its extreme yellowing protection has been well documented.  So although our formula is new (and so are our test results), we have decades of evidence of how this material performs that enable us to be very confident in the the product we've recently brought to market. 

Please note, the above image is not an example of ArtResin specifically, but of HALS performance in general.





On top of all this, our new formula is also safe for home use when used as directed ( that is, in a well ventilated area ), it's self-leveling, it has a bubble release agent, it's an easy-to-use 1:1 mixing ratio, and it's a lot of FUN!!  We worked with a chemist for 3 years to get this picky list of specs into one formula.  We're excited about it because it's the product we were searching for for our own art purposes that didn't yet exist.  ...Now it does!