3 Ways To Upgrade Store Bought Art

How Can I Change Store Bought Art?

Change is good!  No, not those nickels and dimes weighing you down (let's face it, bills are better, am I right?!).

We're talking about changing up art.
When it comes to choosing artwork for your home, fashion and color trends come and go, and art can sometimes look outdated.

It can be refreshing to give a new look to a piece of art you may have outgrown. Or maybe you'd like add a pop of color to a ho-hum store-bought canvas?  Perhaps you want to breathe new life into a piece of thrifted art?

In this blog, ArtResin's Rebecca Zak will present three examples of how you can revamp an ordinary canvas print to give it a whole, new look!


Project 1: Change The Color

What if you're considering a new color palette for your living space? Blues and greys instead of reds and yellows, for example.

Does that mean that you need to buy all new wall art? Absolutely not!

If you want to update your art, there's always a creative solution: paint over it!

Upgrade Your Art-Change Color Scheme

Begin by finding that art piece you're confident you could transform with a few brush strokes. The pattern is already there, you know which new color palette you prefer, and now the rest is in your hands.

Upgrade Your Art-know the color and the talent is in your hands


Next, decide on your specific colors and blend them in any shade you want. 

Upgrade Your Art-Choose your new color palette


Go ahead and paint over the art in your own unique way. You're creating a new piece of art now, so make it your own.

Upgrade Your Art-Paint over the art

Once the paint has dried, add a shiny, protective coat of ArtResin to your new masterpiece!

Carefully pour equal parts of resin and hardener into a mixing container. Remember to measure by volume and not by weight.
💡TIP:  Not sure how much ArtResin you need? To find out, simply enter the length and width of your artwork into our Resin Calculator.

Upgrade Your Art-pour equal parts of resin and hardener into a mixing container


Mix the solution for at least 3 full minutes, scraping the sides and bottom. Once complete, you will have approximately 45 minutes to work with the resin before it gets too thick to work with.

Upgrade Your Art - work with the resin before it starts to cure

Prop your artwork up on stands so it doesn't adhere to your tabletop, and pour the ArtResin into the center.

Upgrade Your Art - Pour the ArtResin onto you piece


Using a spreading tool, gently guide the ArtResin over the entire piece. Feel free to let the resin drip over the sides or carefully nudge the resin right up to the edge without going over.
💡 TIP: To avoid drips accumulating along the bottom, tape the bottom with painter's tape before you pour the resin.

Upgrade Your Art - Spread the ArtResin over the entire piece


Carefully examine the top of the artwork for any hairs or dust particles. Remove any unwanted visitors with a toothpick.

Upgrade Your Art - Carefully examine the top of the artwork


Torch out bubbles, being careful not to get too close to the ArtResin surface.

Upgrade Your Art - Torch out any bubbles


Cover and wait 24 hours to reveal the finished product.

Upgrade Your Art - Cover it up and wait 24 hours


Place your new piece of art on the wall and step back to enjoy the beauty of your very own creation!

Upgrade Your Art - enjoy the beauty of your very own creation




Project 2: Add Some Shine

Some things just naturally shine, like a diamond ring, a disco ball, or the sun-kissed turquoise waters of the beach. Capturing that shimmer in art isn't easy, however ... unless you have ArtResin!

In this project, we enhance a beautiful ocean scene by applying a layer of ArtResin over the water element. Once it's on the wall, the resin reflects natural light, recreating that same, mesmerizing ocean glimmer. 

natural light reflects off of the resin


As always, carefully measure and mix ArtResin, being sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container so as not to leave any unmixed resin.

carefully measure and mix ArtResin in a container


Pour the ArtResin over the specific area of your artwork that you want to give that extra shiny touch.

Upgrade Your Art - Pour the ArtResin over the portion of your piece


Apply a thin coat of resin up to the edge of your image line. Be careful while spreading the resin, being mindful not to bring too much to the edge. Remember, ArtResin is self-leveling, and excess resin might overflow the line.

Another technique is to allow the ArtResin mixture to sit for approximately 15-20 minutes. This partial curing will make the resin slightly thicker and easier to manipulate into place.

let the mixture sit for up to 30 minutes


Remove any hairs or dusty bits, torch out the bubbles and cover for 24 hours.

Upgrade Your Art- torch out the bubbles and cover for 24 hours


Enjoy your shiny new art!

Upgrade Your Art- shiny new friend



Project 3: Add Some Personality

Maybe your wall art is colorful and fun, but just needs a little extra oomph to give it some personality! Adding some glitter and ArtResin is a perfect way to jazz it up!

Upgrade Your Art- needs a little extra oomph to give it some personality


Select some colorful glitter to compliment your artwork and place it into a cup, one cup per color. 

Upgrade Your Art- colored glitter and place it into a cup


Pour your carefully measured and mixed ArtResin into each cup of glitter and stir it well.

Pour your carefully measured and mixed ArtResin


Carefully pour a small amount of the sparkly resin wherever you see fit.  

Upgrade Your Art- Pour and place your sparkly mixture wherever

Use a toothpick, a Q-Tip, a plastic take out knife or a small plastic spatula to carefully nudge the resin mixture over the desired area.

Upgrade Your Art- toothpick or Q-Tip, move the resin mixture


Cover your artwork for 24 hours.

Upgrade Your Art- Cover your artwork for 24 hours.


Try not to smile as you admire your wonderful, new and improved work of art :)

Upgrade Your Art- smile as you admire your wonderful


There are endless possibilities when it comes to upgrading your art. Take these ideas and add your own spin! And if you do, we'd love to hear about it!

Have you upgraded some old artwork?  Let us know in the comments below! 

💡TIP: To learn more about applying resin to a canvas painting, please see our blog How To Resin A Canvas For Beginners.


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