Resin Artists You Should Know About.

Why is resin art so popular?  

Epoxy resin is an exceptionally versatile medium that can be used to create beautiful pieces of art, and its popularity has soared over the last few years! Resin first became known in the art world as a shiny surface coating for paintings and photographs: artists loved how it made colors pop, and its sleek, modern look made it an attractive alternative to traditional picture framing methods.

Resin's versatility, however, soon captured the imagination of contemporary artists, hobbyists, crafters and woodworkers who developed new and innovative ways to incorporate it into their work. This included adding colorants to create flow art, embedding crystals to make geode art, pouring into molds to form jewelry and sculptural home decor, and using tinted resin to add bright pops of color to wood boards and tabletops.  

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Resin artists you need to know about:

In these videos, Rebecca highlights some of the 120 artists featured in our Holiday Gift Guide who are using resin in incredible, inventive ways.  Be sure to visit their websites, give them a follow on social media, get inspired by their creativity or perhaps purchase a piece of resin art for someone you love (and that includes you!)


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Is it profitable to sell resin art?

Yes! The interest in resin art is growing rapidly and there is plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurial artists and crafters to get involved (and even create a considerable income). The artists in our Gift Guide have turned their talent into profit by selling their resin crafts online, either through an online shopping platform such as Etsy, through their own websites or even directly via their social media platforms.

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