ArtResin PASSES Nonyl Phenol Migration Tests

Posted on 20 Mar 12:45


Our priority in developing ArtResin was—and is—user safety. We want you to feel confident about ArtResin’s safety so we are making our test data transparent and available here on our website.

ArtResin epoxy resin has been tested by third party laboratories for leaching and migration and has passed in all cases across worldwide standards and regulations, including USA, Canada, EU, Australia, and Great Britain. This includes passing the standardized test for a chemical called nonyl phenol. 

Nonylphenol is a component of every 1:1 epoxy resin formula, including ArtResin. Its role is to aid in curing. In the ArtResin formula, nonyl phenol is fully reacted and bonded to other components of our proprietary mixture. This bonding in the chemical reaction fundamentally changes the molecular structure of nonyl phenol, rendering it completely inert.

A good way to help understand how chemical reactions can fundamentally change materials before and after is to think about table salt. Salt is made of two elements, sodium and chlorine. When sodium and chlorine are unbonded they are highly toxic and dangerous; pure chlorine will burn your skin on contact. However, when you combine sodium and chlorine they bond together to form a completely safe compound that we all know as salt!

Our nonyl phenol test is one of many tests under ArtResin’s belt. Check out the other test results!

Third party test results for Nonyl Phenol Migration in ArtResin, 2020. 



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