Why ArtResin Is Cruelty Free

ArtResin is cruelty free epoxy resin: it contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. 

It has always mattered to us that ArtResin is safe for people to use, and it's just as important that safety doesn't come at the expense of animals. We firmly believe that it's possible to create a safe, high-quality epoxy resin without harming animals.


Most epoxy resins are tested on animals

Over the years, worldwide public safety agencies have required us to conduct numerous tests to demonstrate ArtResin's safety.  While most epoxy resins are tested on animals, we have always chosen cruelty-free testing methods. These tests make it possible to determine ArtResin's safety designations effectively and compassionately.

Here's ArtResin co-founder, Rebecca Zak, to explain:


Live rabbit testing is the industry standard for epoxy resin

In 2023, we were required us to update ArtResin's corrosive tests. While live rabbit testing was requested of us, and would have been a quicker, easier and less expensive option, we made the ethical choice to seek out a cruelty-free alternative instead. 



ArtResin opted for cruelty-free testing methods

We worked really hard to avoid rabbit testing, including hiring a consultant who helped us find a cruelty-free method that would accurately mimic the effects of corrosive materials on living skin. This test turned out to be much more expensive than live rabbit testing, but there was no question in our mind that it was worth the cost. We also paid a reputable scientist to write a letter to the public health agency who had requested the live rabbit test, justifying why the alternative method was equally as valid for corrosive testing.

Despite being more costly and producing slower results, it was important to us that testing ArtResin did not compromise the ethical treatment of animals. 

As a company, we are proud of our decision to prioritize animal welfare during ArtResin's testing process. 


Is ArtResin vegan?

ArtResin does not contain animal-derived ingredients or by-products, and we are committed to being a cruelty-free brand by avoiding animal testing. However, we do not use the word "vegan" when describing ArtResin simply because our product is not intended for consumption and we don't want to equate it with anything you can eat or drink. 

We want you to feel confident choosing ArtResin for your resin art projects,
  knowing it has been created with consumer safety in mind - without causing harm to animals.

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About the author: Rebecca Zak

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