Can You Be Allergic To Epoxy Resin?

Yes, it’s possible to be allergic or to develop an allergy to epoxy resin. Approximately 2% of epoxy resin users will demonstrate allergic symptom(s) to the basic chemical components of epoxy resin in general (i.e. the building blocks on which any given epoxy resin is formulated). This means that epoxy allergy is not specific to a particular brand: If you're allergic to one epoxy resin, you will be allergic to all epoxy resins on the market. 


What are allergic reactions & symptoms?

Allergic symptom(s) typically present as skin inflammation (dermatitis), including redness and irritation to varying degrees, which subsides once exposure has been interrupted. Symptoms can also include swelling and fluid-filled blisters. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell whether someone will have an epoxy allergy until symptoms present themselves. Typically symptoms of epoxy resin allergy develops slowly over time.

Regardless of when reactions occur or their severity, allergy sufferers should discontinue use of ALL epoxy resins indefinitely in order to protect themselves. 


allergy to epoxy resin


How ArtResin was evaluated by American Board Of Toxicology?

The Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) has established labeling requirements for all products that contain ingredients that may cause allergy—called “sensitizing” agents. ArtResin epoxy resin was evaluated by the American Board of Toxicology which determined “the product is not considered to be toxic (acute/chronic), corrosive and/or a strong sensitizer when used as intended or under circumstances involving reasonably foreseeable misuse . . . While not listed as a strong sensitizer as per 16 CFR 1500.13, . . . [it] may cause skin sensitization.”


What is considered a strong sensitizer?

Let’s unpack that so it’s clear:

According to the FHSA regulation referenced above, a ‘strong sensitizer’ is defined as, “a substance which will cause on normal living tissue through an allergic or photodynamic process a hypersensitivity which becomes evident on reapplication.” 


So, Is ArtResin going to cause any allergy?

So, ArtResin was determined to be a product that would not likely cause allergy in most users, however given its chemical makeup as an epoxy resin, it still has the potential for causing allergy. As such, we are required to write on our label: WARNING: May cause skin/eye irritation or allergic reaction. 

ArtResin was determined to be a product that would not likely cause allergy

In general, most allergies people encounter are to foods and products that most other people enjoy and use successfully without harm. For example, peanuts are a known allergen for some folks, however the majority of people in the world are able to consume them without an issue. They’re widely regarded as non-toxic even though they pose a big problem for a small percentage of the population (peanut allergy affects approximately 0.6% of the US population, according to Wikipedia).


What are the allergic reactions from other epoxy resin products that produce VOCs?

 PLEASE NOTE: Allergic reaction is completely different from other complications that some resin users may experience if they use a brand of resin that is not free of VOCs/fumes. Resins that produce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are products that include solvents and cheap non-reactive diluents in their formulation. While these ingredients stretch the product making it cheaper to manufacture and sell on the market, it simultaneously compromises the safety of the product. VOCs and fumes can lead to serious health complications, such as chronic respiratory issues, whizzing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing etc. ArtResin epoxy resin does not contain VOCs, fumes, solvents or non-reactive diluents.

What should I do if I am allergic to epoxy resin?

Again, if you are someone who finds themselves demonstrating allergic reaction to epoxy resin exposure, the advice from the medical community/your doctor is to discontinue use indefinitely. Such a situation would truly be unfortunate, however nothing is ever worth putting ahead of one’s health! :)

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