ArtResin is Safe for Home Use!

Can You Use Epoxy Resin Indoors?

It's official, ArtResin has been evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and has been designated non-toxic when used as directed and safe for home use in a well ventilated area!

This is a big deal for us and a huge win for artists everywhere!  

Epoxy Resin Safety First

In developing ArtResin, our world class chemists aimed for a superior quality product that would not cause harm or health threats to the people using it.  Our formula has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no fumes, and is safe for home use in a well ventilated area.  It is a clean system, meaning everything in the formula reacts together, leaving nothing that can become airborne and be breathed in.  It's also non-flammable in its liquid form and has only a slight smell.  And now, ArtResin has been recognized by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as meeting safety standard D-4236: Safe for Home Use. 

Comparatively, most epoxy resin products on the market are classified as a hazardous material.  They are meant to be used in industrial applications with heavy duty respirators and protective hazmat clothing and eyewear.  They can't be shipped by air for safety reasons, and in most cases are flammable.


What Does ASTM D-4236 Certification Mean?

The American Society for Testing and Materials sets worldwide standards that help to improve performance and instil confidence in products around the world.  ASTM D-4236 in particular is a federally regulated standard for the labeling of art materials for chronic health hazards.  Any art material that is intended for home use (i.e. use by an individual or small group) must be evaluated by a board-designated toxicologist for any potential threats the material may pose.  If a product contains any material that is deemed (based on current knowledge) to be dangerous in any way, the product must bear appropriate warnings.  

After being evaluated, ArtResin was found to conform to ASTM D-4236 with no component of its make-up having been found to be harmful, toxic, hazardous or dangerous when used as directed!  Thus, our customers will not find any WARNING labels, skull and cross bones icons, corrosive pictograms, or any of that on the ArtResin packaging.  Unlike most other resins, these alarming images do not belong on our bottles!  ...Which means our customers can relax and enjoy getting creative! 

Remember: Not all epoxy resins are created equal.  Please make sure that you either protect yourself against inherent threats with the appropriate gear, or that you switch to a safe product like ours.  :)

Do you want to learn more about epoxy resin and safety? Read our guides below:


 See our SDS for more information.

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