ArtResin Visits The Artist Project!

For almost a decade, ArtResin has helped artists, photographers, crafters, moms, dads, and kids create both beautiful pieces of art and beautiful memories. 

We love artists.  
After all, ArtResin was created for artists, by artists 😊

In fact, the best part of ArtResin is that we get to meet amazing, inspiring, creative fellow artists - every single day!

Go to any art show, anywhere in the world, and you're likely to see an artist or photographer coating their work in epoxy resin. Toronto's Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair was no exception - we recently paid a visit to the 11th annual show, got to meet some wonderful artists to see what they're creating with ArtResin.

We love sharing their stories and their work so that you can meet them too.


Emily Carriere

Amey Lai

Luc Tessier

Genie Kim

About the author: Joanne Wright

I'm Joanne, the Marketing Content Writer at ArtResin. Originally from Canada, my home is now Indianapolis, Indiana. My love of all things creative and my entrepreneurial heart means I’ve worn many hats over the years including fashion producer & stylist, retail store owner, t-shirt designer, and even vegan baker! I...